Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 5 Sep episode begins withArijit wants to take advantage of the opportunity so he instigates Natasha to get Raman’s DNA tested, Through which he can ruin Ishita and Raman’s life.

Ishita angrily tells Natasha that you stay the same to see if my husband is mine or not. Natasha and her brother stop at Bhalla House, Arijit tries to take advantage of this opportunity. Alia and Ruhi tell Ishita that they should not have kept Natasha in their house. Raman is conscious, so Natasha comes there. Seeing Natasha, Raman says what is this girl doing here, Natasha tells Ishita to tell Raman what is true. Raman says that I am not your husband, you are wasting your time. Natasha is getting upset outside, her brother says relax, so Arijit comes there.

Arijit tells Natasha that I believe you are right, but I had no proof. Natasha and her brother do not trust Arijati but he convinces them, and asks them to get Raman’s DNA tested. Arijit tells Natasha how to get the DNA test done, seeing Bala and Mani coming, Arijit gets splashed. Sudha explains to Ishita that stay with Aram, and I am trying to reach the surgeon. Arijit comes inside, seeing whom Karan is agitated, Ishita also narrates him.

Karan says that he cannot trust Arijit, it is deceitful, Arijit tries to convince everyone. Ishita tells Arijit that now it seems that you should not even have a working partnership, Raman says as long as these things will not talk about work. Arijit leaves from there, Natasha is thinking of Arijit’s words. She leaves to take a sample for Raman’s DNA test, and opens the door and goes to Bhalla House.

Natasha goes to Raman’s room and sees that Ishita is not there, after which she thinks that Ishita can sleep with a stranger, that means my husband. Ishita comes to Raman’s room and asks what Natasha is doing here, her brother says that she has a problem sleeping. Simmi says that both these siblings are lying, Raman says that we have to prove that I am not Natasha’s husband. Here Natasha’s brother listens to all the things, and tells Natasha all the things.

Natasha says that I will not shut up, I will prove that she is my husband. Her brother says that seeing this money has happened, Natasha says that I will prove that she is my husband. DNA test will be known. Sudha Bhalla comes to the house, and says that it will be very difficult to contact the surgeon. Sudha talks about the marriage of Ruhi and Karan, Karan says that we should postpone the wedding.

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