Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ruhi pronouncing that is Dr. Sunita’s number. Mani asks what, this doesn’t make sense. Aaliya says maybe that guy is doing this to confuse us. Bala says proper, Ruhi and Karan go to Dr. Sunita’s house and hold a watch. Aaliya says we’re going to discover about the locker. Ruhi asks who is this guy going to this extent. Karan says we are able to pass and see what is Dr. Sunita doing. Ruhi says we are able to inform her thank you and purchase a present for her, it’s going to look actual. Karan praises her smartness. She says i hope that we solve this thriller and find out dad. He says yes, we will discover. Arijit is on the manner. He receives a name and asks is she okay, I forgot that the doctor is coming today, i’m able to come there.

Mrs. Bhalla sees Ishita’s wound and curses the kidnapper. Amma says we are able to supply her liquids, i can make a smoothie for her. Mrs. Bhalla says i will get it, I ought to mild a diya for her additionally. Simmi and Mihika ask the man is he gambling any sport. the person says no, why might I. Simmi receives Aaliya’s call and asks her to come. Bala says that is the cope with. Mani asks are you certain, this guy has a locker in this submit workplace, even i have a locker right here, I had my office in my place earlier than, i purchased a locker here, then I went to Australia, I forgot about the locker, don’t recognize if it’s far energetic. Simmi asks what, you even have a locker right here. He says sure, I don’t recognise if its lively. the man says locker no. fifty two. Mani asks what, 52 is my locker number.

They ask what. Ruhi says we ought to look forward to Sunita. Nurse comes. Ruhi says we’re right here to meet Sunita, is she on the rounds, we wanted to thank her. Karan says tell her that we’ve got come. Nurse says however she has resigned. Ruhi asks however why. Nurse says she came last night and left in a hurry, she submitted the papers. Ruhi says my mother and Sunita are antique pals, we are able to assist her. Nurse says she become looking worried, I heard her crying and he or she was asking a person now not to hurt her daughter, I experience she turned into in threat, she told me that she were given her daughter admitted in a good faculty. Karan says thank you. He says odd, she resigned. Ruhi says yes. He says perhaps that man had carried out this. Ruhi says Ishita stated she had heard her crying, this kidnapper might have spared Sunita’s daughter, so she left the city. He says I m sure this man forced her to resign, we have to go to submit workplace, he may be very clever, we will’t waste time. Mani says someone else is using my locker.

Mihika asks how did you not understand. Mani says I have no clue, we are able to capture him. the person says he messaged and stated he gained’t come nowadays. Simmi says Mani you must be cautious. Aaliya says its not Mani’s fault. Mani says she is right, he is misusing my locker, i can go in and discover., Yug says no, he’ll know it. Simmi receives Mrs. Bhalla’s call and asks did Ishita wake up, we will come home. Mani and Bala ask them to move domestic.

Amma asks Ishita how is she feeling now. Mrs. Bhalla gets the juice. Ishita says loosen up, I m fine, I have to go to washroom. Mrs. Bhalla says i will tell Mihika and Simmi. Amma says don’t realize in the event that they know about that guy. Bala says i’m able to discover a few answer Mani. Ishita receives freshen up. Amma asks Ishita to have liquid weight loss program. Ishita says I desired to speak to kids. Amma says no, they went to test the locker. Ishita asks why didn’t you wake me up. Amma says don’t worry now, they’ll inform us the whole thing. Ishita says Raman is with that guy, I want to realize what he needs. Amma says you may’t cross there, you’re very susceptible. Ishita goes. She appears for car keys. Mr. Bhalla says we don’t want you to exit.

Ishita says i might have long gone with them. They ask Ishita to recognize, she is susceptible. She says Raman is in hazard, i will’t be right here. Aaliya, Yug, Simmi and Mihika come home. Ishita says you ought to have taken me along. Yug says you wished relaxation, we are also worried for Raman. Ishita asks did that man come to deposit cash. Simmi says no, however we got to know whose locker it it. Ishita asks who. Mihika says Mani. Ishita asks is that Mani’s locker, it means Mani has kidnapped Raman.

Aaliya asks do you believe you studied he could do that. Ishita says no, how is that this feasible, how can each person operate his locker. Yug says yes, Bala and Mani went to find out. Bala is going to apply for a locker. the man says lockers aren’t unfastened, you may leave your details. Bala says my friend has a locker right here, he isn’t the use of it, can i use that.

the person says he has to offer a letter. Bala tells about Mani’s locker. the man says someone is the use of this locker, there may be a letter to offer permission for use, am i able to click on a % to ask him about it. Mani assessments and says this signal is mine, however I in no way gave them any permission. Bala asks him to simply think. Mani says I crammed a tender for them, but didn’t get it. Bala says they’ve forged your symptoms. Mani calls and says discover the proprietor of urja associates, Neeti Goha… He says Bala I don’t recognize who’s she. Mihika says this character is very smart. Mani says I didn’t sign this sort of letter. Simmi asks how did this happen, its due to the fact you’re so careless. Mani says I additionally need to find out. Aaliya says its no longer his fault, did he recognize this will appear.

Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi is worried. Amma says Mani is trying to resolve this. Bala says sure, he is also worried and desires to solve this. Mani shouts forestall it Simmi, this family is mine too, Raman and Ishita are imp to me. Simmi says they are suffering due to you. Ishita says prevent it, that individual wants to divide us and rule, he trapped Mani in a smart way, that our biggest supporter receives away, we have to save Raman. Mani is of the same opinion. Arijit comes to the post workplace. the man says a person had come to invite for locker, I told him that your corporation is the use of that locker. Arijit asks what changed into his name. the person says I forgot to invite him. Arijit goes to talk to him.

Karan and Ruhi come home. Yug asks what did Sunita say. Karan says she left the health facility. Ishita says not anything is right. Mani says I m going to workplace. Aaliya and Yug go with him. Ishita says who is this, who used Mani’s locker.


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