Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ruhi says we will think about the individual owning that storage, simply unwind and rest. Aaliya says let me know whether you need anything. Simmi asks how much will Ishita endure. She says the food provider called and said the man is coming to pay him cash, I compromised him and he said he mentioned that man on my colloquialism. Karan says I found out about this night bar, there will be a melody party today around evening time. Yug says we should take this risk, Raman is in peril. Simmi says I will proceed to rest. Yug requests that her message the food provider. She says fine, fare thee well. Yug gets some information about the covers, convey those, we will wear that. Karan goes. Aaliya, Ruhi, Yug and Karan come in the bar. Karan says we should sit tight for additional time. Karan requests wine. Ruhi inquires as to why. Karan says none should question on us. The DJ plays a melody. They evacuate the covers and move. Yug gets Simmi’s message. She composes… . return home. They leave.

Ruhi says Amma is with Ishita. Yug says Ishita ought to be here with everybody. Ruhi says no, let her rest, Dadi and Amma are with her, I m stressed that she was given much medications. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to stress. Yug says Ishita would not get aggravated. Ishita is resting. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma implore. Karan asks did Mihika and Simmi call. Yug says no. Simmi and Mihika come to meet the food provider. Simmi reprimands him. He inquires as to for what reason would I joke with you. Simmi says simply take us there. Mani comes and asks how is Ishu, did Simmi and Mihika go. The food provider says I didn’t contact that man previously. Aaliya says Ishita is resting, Simmi has gone to meet that man. Mani says Bala and I will oversee. Karan says we will go along. Yug says yes. Ruhi says we will likewise come, kindly, don’t stress. Aaliya says indeed, we are fine. Simmi says I will call police. The food provider says its alright, I will message you the number. Simmi calls Ruhi and requests that her get the number subtleties. Ruhi says Karan we need to proceed to get the subtleties. They leave.

Arijit calls Sunita and says you would have Ishita’s call at this point. She says no, she is with you. He says she is your great companion, didn’t she call you to know why you did this. She asks him what is he saying. He says Ishita got free from my imprisonment. She asks what, simply give me my girl, I will leave, I can’t meet Ishita’s eyes. He says simply shut up. She cries and says please give my girl, I offered medications to Ishita and did as you said. He says alright, I will free her however on one condition, you need to remove her and run, I discovered that you have US visas, simply go. She expresses profound gratitude, I will come at the air terminal. Bhuvan asks are we going to discharge her little girl. Arijit says truly, drop the young lady to the air terminal, Sunita shouldn’t meet anybody. Bhuvan goes. Arijit says for what reason is Ishita so quiet and Bhallas not doing anything. He gets the message and says this food provider needs cash today, he got after me. He answers I m occupied, fine you will get the cash. He calls Mani.

Yug requests that Mani answer the call, don’t have the foggiest idea about his mystery. Mani answers the call. Arijit says I was thinking to meet all of you at your home. Yug signs no. Mani says we will meet at thai café and afterward come to meet Bhallas, sorry I m occupied currently, anticipating meet you at night. Bala says come, Simmi has sent me the location. Arijit says for what reason would they like to meet me outside, did they make sense of me, no, I was wearing a veil, my voice or contact, no that is unrealistic, this cook has gone distraught, he needs cash at this moment, fine I will toss cash all over.

Precap: Ishita asks did that man come. Simmi says no, he informed that he can’t come. Mihika says its Mani’s storage. Ishita gets stunned.


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