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The Episode starts with Karan announcing i love you, i’m able to’t see you want this. Sudha says i love you too, however I need Rohan out of jail, i can confess my crime, i’m able to’t see him there. He says i’ve taken care of that. He suggests bail papers. She says but he has refused to get bail. He says i will convince him, i like him plenty, have a few meals please. She says i love you Karan. He says i really like you too mother, please come. He thinks I gained’t permit Rohan play with our call and function. Ishita says relax Raman, minister won’t be dissatisfied with you. Minister comes. Raman apologizes. Minister says its okay, you have been doing it due to pills, not anything to fear, I m feeling too acidic in view that morning, I can be fine after I take drug treatments, I desired to talk to you about imp challenge, you’re a remarkable businessman, are you able to assist in this. Raman says sure, we can speak approximately it later whilst you are high-quality. Minister says its simply belly pain, I m nice.

Yug gets equipped and says we shall pass. Vishal says we will’t locate that female. Ranbir says sure, all the women might be south indian in that south indian temple, how will we become aware of her. Yug says sure, her image is in my coronary heart. Vishal says don’t get emotional, i’ve a chum who is caricature artist, if we make that female’s % with her, it is going to be correct. Yug says top notch, name him. He describes Aaliya and smiles. Ek ladki ko….performs….. He sees the caricature and smiles. He says she is the only, until I meet her, I gained’t be at peace. He hugs the person and thanks him. the person goes. Ranbir says we have to go to temple to find her, come.

Raman says you appearance sick. Minister says its acidity. He gets drug treatments. Ishita says its a stroke, get these drugs, his health is definitely awful. Ranbir says we have asked pujari additionally, there may be no clue approximately that lady, that is final temple, if we don’t discover her, we are going domestic. Yug says no, we are able to discover her. Vishal says the pujari is new here, he is aware of nothing. Yug says its a big temple, we need to unfold out, cross there. Vishal sees a lady and is going to peer her face.

She slaps him. The ladies acquire and scold him. He says I m a decent youngster. Yug comes and says sorry. He slaps Vishal for teasing ladies. He says girls are like Devi, respect them. Kiran comes and doesn’t see Yug. Kiran asks the problem. The woman says a man turned into teasing, his buddy became proper and took him. Ranbir is going to get caricature. Yug says sorry, I did this to save you. Ranbir says I m worn-out now. Yug says now we are able to visit south indian eating places, its going to be fun. Vishal asks how will we find her. Yug says i’ve got the shape for you, and that i had eaten 200 rasgulla in opposition for you, we will discover her, we’re match and sturdy. Vishal and Ranbir agree.

Medical doctor tests minister and asks who has given tablet to him. the man says Ishita has given it. doctor says desirable work, she saved his life from stroke, call me if there is whatever. Minister says you saved my life for the second time, you bravely got here between me and Raman, you can have got shot. She says no, I m positive he can by no means harm me. He says you could ask me for assist anytime. Raman says I want a want, a lady has my own family lots, she is a reputed female, you realize her well. Ishita says I request you to get Rohan launched, take the case again. Minister asks why do you want to save him. She says Rohan is a pleasant guy, he didn’t recognize about pills, someone else was at the back of it. Minister asks are you certain. She says sure. He says best, if you say, i can ask my assistant to withdraw the case. He is going.

At cafe, Shagun asks what, you need Rohan to get bail, why, he deserves this. Aaliya says I realize you’re indignant with him, he didn’t do something, consider me, i’ve visible modifications in him, he seems after anyone, he didn’t return together with his mom, he is residing with us to help, he helped Ishita and Raman too, he was very depraved but he changed. Shagun says tell me one aspect, are you lacking Adi. Aaliya says of path I pass over Adi, however he did incorrect, I experience horrific, he’s going to usually be part of my life, however I don’t want to think about him, I don’t want to be harm. Shagun thinks Ishita said right, I assume past must be within the beyond, i’m able to’t let Aaliya meet Yug, perhaps Aaliya desires to make a new begin with Rohan, I need to inspire her. Aaliya asks what are you thinking. Shagun says lets move and smiles. Raman asks why didn’t you let me say approximately Sudha. Ishita says i found out that Sudha’s manager is at the back of this, I don’t have any proof against Sudha, what could we do, supervisor would by no means blame Sudha, she may be very clever, she can bribe him and ask him to take blame, how should we prove this, its imp to shop Rohan, he has modified, he is residing at Amma’s residence to show that he has modified, he certainly loves Aaliya, we have to find evidence in opposition to Sudha. He says excellent, you reform him, i’m able to take care of Sudha.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Karan asks Rohan what’s wrong with you. Rohan says mom had spiked the sweets with tablets. Karan scolds Sudha. Raman and Ishita look on.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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