Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 8 Aug episode begins with Abhishek says your organization had sent a delicate to this organization and perhaps they got the archives. Mani asks who is Neeti Guha. Abhishek says she is the MD, we have no information. Yug says there is nothing about her on social locales. Arijit is with Raman. He says Bhallas are after me, they realize that I have an association with Raman, I will execute Raman, no, I can’t slaughter Raman, I m sure Bhallas and Mani will discover, what to do that you don’t get after Neeti, yes I comprehend what to do. Ruhi asks Ishita to have something. Ishita says I m not ravenous, Karan call Mani and ask him. Mani, Yug and Aaliya come. Mani says don’t have the foggiest idea who is Neeti Guha, she is proprietor of Urja partners. Ruhi says I will get espresso. Mani says no, its alright. Ishita gets a message. Mani asks what occurred. She says I m extremely drained, I m going to space to rest. She proceeds to peruse, don’t enlighten anybody regarding this message, in the event that you need to see him. She peruses another message and approaches the number.

Arijit answers and says Mrs. Ishita Bhalla, I was sitting tight for your call. She asks who are you, what do you need. He says nothing. She says you infused medications to me, you are tormenting Raman. He says simply come there alone in the event that you need to see Raman alive, fare thee well. She contemplates Raman, or is this a snare, I need to go, however how would I leave, everybody is watching out for me, I need to concoct a rationalization. Aaliya says I m strained about Ishita. Mani says disregard her, she is experiencing much torment. Simmi comes and says sorry Mani. He says its alright, I m sorry for yelling on you, its my deficiency. Bala gets some information about Neeti. Mani says I didn’t get any data. Ishita supposes I will get Raman today. She says I m going to meet Sunita, she needs to meet and apologize to me. Ruhi and Aaliya state we will tag along. Karan says it very well may be a snare, I won’t let you go. Ishita says I will get some information about Raman, you can’t accompany me. Mani says fine, go. She gets the keys and goes. Karan says I figure we ought to go. Bala says no, perhaps Sunita needs to enlighten her concerning Raman.

Ishita goes to the development building and yells where are you, I need to meet Raman, I didn’t tell anybody, I have come alone. Arijit gets Raman. She sees Raman and reviews their minutes. She expresses profound gratitude. He says pivot and see. She sees a sharpshooter. She inquires as to for what reason are you assaulting us, leave Raman, we would prefer not to realize who are you, leave Raman, what do you need, let me know, I won’t advise the police. He holds Raman’s neckline. She says don’t torment Raman, I ask of you, let Raman go please. He says fine, I will leave him. He leaves Raman. Raman falls back. She yells Raman and sees him tumbling down the structure.

She runs first floor. She goes to Raman and checks his heartbeat. Arijit evacuates the veil and grins. He goes. Ishita yells for assistance. Ruhi calls her. Ishita says Raman you will be fine. She destroys him and takes him to the vehicle. She leaves. Bhuvan asks how could you let Raman go. Arijit cleans the bedsheet and room. He says proceed to get dying powder, sprinkle it. Bhuvan says Raman won’t leave us, he has seen our faces, he will get us captured. Arijit says shut up, the room ought to be unblemished else I will execute you, none should realize that Raman was here, take a mop and clean the room. He goes. He grins and says I need to see them crying and yelling, when Ishita reveals to them that Raman is dead, they will know the agony of losing somebody, how would I go there, I will get a telephone require Raman’s last ceremonies, I will sit tight for the uplifting news.

Precap: Ruhi asks where are you. Ishita says I m fine, Raman is in emergency clinic. Specialist says Raman is basic.


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