Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 9 April episode starts with Raman, Bala, Mani, and Yug heading towards Aaliya and Ruhi. The doctor informs Raman not to continue Aaliya’s medication as it can make her violent.

Karan comes to Sahil’s men disguised as a client. He says he needs a girl. Karan gets exposed in front of the goons.

Ruhi longs for Raman and Ishita to come and save them. Aaliya gets violent. Karan, Ruhi, and Aaliya fight off with the goons.

One of the goons fires a bullet on Karan. Karan’s hand gets injured.

Raman and others come along with the police to the red light area. Yug calls Karan and follows the sound of the ringtone.

They come to the room but do not find Aaliya and Ruhi there. Raman sees the goon and informs the police about him.

Raman and the police officers keep an eye on the goons. The goon forces Ruhi to dress up fast or else he will kill Karan.

Raman, Yug, and police officers barge into the room and attack the goons. They rescue Aaliya, Karan, and Ruhi.

Sahil’s man comes to Bhalla house to inquire about Ishita. Simmi avoids telling him the truth.

Precap Upcoming YHM episode update: Rohan asks Karan to play with Ruhi’s feelings.


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