Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with everybody asking where were you. Ishita says I went to get meds, you were dozing and I didn’t irritate. Specialist comes. Ishita asks would i be able to meet Raman. He asks wouldn’t you be able to see, better you remain outside, he can get contaminations, let me check understanding. Mrs. Bhalla says you make Ishita’s fav sambar, leave it, I will make it for you. Amma says Ishu got world’s best mum, we will make south indian nourishment, come.

Specialist says heartbroken, persistent doesn’t have any improvement, I can’t release you in. Karan says we will move him to Survodaya medical clinic. She says no chance, I would prefer not to take him to any huge emergency clinic, participate with me, the aggressor is watching out for us, I kept constrained staff here.

Attendant asks Ishita to get meds quick. She requests that everybody go, just

two of them can remain here. Simmi says Mihika and I will return soon. Mani says no need, every one of you return home. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t specify Raman’s name, Amma and Mrs. Bhalla will get hyper. Bala says fine, we will deceive them. Ishita asks Yug to advise Shweta not to call at home, reveal to them I m occupied in gathering. Karan says please fare thee well. They leave. Mani says we must be thankful that Raman got spared. Ishita gestures.

Mrs. Bhalla reprimands the taxi driver. He says I m checking the vehicle, simply sit. Amma sees Bala, Mihika and asks Mrs. Bhalla to see every one of them leaving the medical clinic. Mrs. Bhalla yells Ruhi, Yug… .. Bala says we won’t inform them regarding Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you doing here. Simmi says we went to resort, we were restoring, my leg got a sprain, it was tormenting a great deal so we came here, I had slipped, specialist said its only a sprain. Bala says we figured you may get pressure. Simmi says I m fine at this point.

Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Ishita. Ruhi says she went to office for gathering, she went with Mani. Karan says we didn’t advise anything to financial specialists, we told Ishita is fine and she will be back. Yug says we were going, she requested that we drop everybody home. Amma says we will return home.

Arijit says what’s Ishita doing, for what reason is everybody so quiet there. Mani asks Ishita to be solid and fare thee well. Arijit gets a call and says so heartbroken, I overlooked that I needed to come to center. Ishita says will Raman get fine, specialist said he had numerous wounds. Mani says he will get fine, trust me. She cries and says what will I tell mummy ji and daddy ji that I was remaining there and couldn’t do anything. Ruhi calls him and says we met Mrs. Bhalla and Amma outside emergency clinic. He asks what. Ishita asks who became more acquainted with. Ruhi says nothing. Mani puts on speaker. Ruhi lets them know.

Bhuvan gets tea and asks are you going to center, is anybody sick. Arijit chides him. Bhuvan says Ishita has seen me. He requests that he change mask and find about Ishita and Raman. Bhuvan takes a gander at him. Ruhi asks Ishita not to stress. Mani says call Shweta, make it obvious to tell everybody that Ishu and I are occupied. Ruhi calls Shweta. Arijit calls Bhuvan. Bhuvan says everybody is quiet here, south indian blowout is going on here. Arijit asks how, ask the gatekeeper once more, are you lying. Bhuvan says no. He makes the video call and says its me Bhuvan, you didn’t remember me. Arijit says watch out for them, I need to go office and discover. He comes to office and says I have come to meet Ishita. Shweta says Mani and Ishita are occupied in gathering, Karan and Yug didn’t come. He says I will meet them. She says you can’t go. Karan, Ruhi and Yug come.

Arijit says I m here to examine the undertaking, clarify Shweta, its critical that I meet them, I m her colleague, I reserve that privilege to meet her, I m happy that Ishita has returned from shelter, Shweta is carrying on bizarre, is the task on or not. Karan says quiet down, heartbroken, Ishita needed to astound everybody, Shweta is simply doing her work. Ruhi says we will sit and talk. Arijit says my pandit told about a decent mahurat, who will sit from Bhallas’ side, Ishita will sit in puja, right, would i be able to meet her. Ruhi says she has quite recently originated from haven, she is aggravated. Karan says we disclosed to her that financial specialists don’t think about it. Yug says let her settle down and after that she will meet you.

Ruhi says Ishita shouldn’t sit in puja, she trusts Raman will return, better Yug and Aaliya will sit in puja. Karan says it sounds flawless. Arijit supposes they untruth well, they aren’t revealing to me anything. Karan asks where are you lost. Arijit says I m an agent and I m worried about the enormous venture, Ishita and Mani are overseeing it, you folks are youthful, would you be able to deal with it. Ruhi says I comprehend, you will never laments this organization, I got prepared under Raman, I will make this fruitful. Karan says trust me, we have a potential group. Yug says you can call us whenever to talk with respect to puja. Arijit takes a gander at them. He supposes they know Raman is dead and need to conceal this from me and world.

Precap: Arijit says how might they sit in puja, is Raman’s alive. Aaliya asks to what extent would we be able to conceal this from family.


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