Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YHM 9 Aug episode begins with Mani, Bala and others come to police headquarters. Mani says Arijit is calling. He answers. Arijit says you overlooked, you should meet me for supper. Mani says so grieved. Arijit says its my shortcoming, I got occupied at night, I disclosed to you I will come to Bhalla house for examining the undertaking, Ishita is in the refuge, right. Mani says I m so heartbroken, youngsters are with me, I will converse with everybody. Arijit says sounds great, you can call me on the off chance that you need assistance. Mani says don’t stress, I m getting a call, bye. He says Ishu isn’t with him, come lets hold up a grumbling. Ruhi gets Ishita’s call and asks where are you, we are going to police headquarters.

Ishita says leave from that point, I m fine, Raman is in the medical clinic. Ruhi asks where is father. Ishita says sorry, I turned out poorly meet Sunita, ruffian called me to meet Raman, he is gravely harmed, come soon, I will tell everything. They all go to the clinic and rushed to Ishita. Aaliya asks what’s this. Ishita cries. Mani inquires as to for what reason didn’t you call me. She says so heartbroken, he compromised me, I was terrified. Yug says don’t accuse yourself, where is Raman. Ishita says he is in OT. She lets them know everything.

Aaliya says we need to educate police. Yug says that man was wearing veil, did you see him, he was taking steps to shoot Raman, sorry, Raman’s face is totally twisted, I m simply cheerful that he is as yet breathing, I don’t have the foggiest idea what to tell mummy ji and Papa ji. Mrs. Bhalla says youngsters didn’t return yet. Mr. Bhalla calls Ruhi. She says we got Ishita with us for viewing a film. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla not to stress. Ruhi cries and says I need my father. Mani says the activity is finished. Specialist comes to them. Ishita asks how is he now. Specialist says we are effective in sparing him. Ishita asks would we be able to meet him.

Specialist says no, he fell with his face towards the ground, we have performed skin uniting and face recreation medical procedure, since his bones were harmed, these medical procedures are confounded, we have kept him in segregation, mind sweep is fine, implore that there are no interior wounds, you may notice change in his face, Raman’s face got harmed, we needed to play out different medical procedures. Everybody cries. Ishita says everything happened as a result of me, he is in awful state. Mani says you spared him and got him here. Ishita says I wish I called all of you, you would have battled with that veiled fiend, in what capacity will I live without Raman, its everything my issue. Mihika says don’t accuse yourself. Yug and Karan state we won’t leave him, do you recall that anything. Ishita says no, my emphasis was simply on Raman, Raman was medicated. Karan says that man gave you sedates too. Yug says we should discover Sunita. Karan says I will go Chennai and discover her. Simmi says official can support us.

Ishita says no, attempt to comprehend, on the off chance that he becomes acquainted with… . Raman is alive, all of you didn’t observer it, he pushed Raman, he has no heart, he is a villain, when the issue goes out, Raman won’t be sheltered. Mani says quiet down, trust me, we won’t tell anybody. Mihika says don’t lose mental fortitude. Ishita says for what reason did he assault Raman, not me. Bala asks her not to say this. Mrs. Bhalla says youngsters didn’t come during the evening, Ruhi said they took Ishita for a film, they aren’t home even in the first part of the day. Amma says they are so reckless, I will call Bala. She calls Bala. Bala awakens everybody and says Amma is calling, what will I advise her. Mani says we can’t come clean. Ruhi says reveal to them that we remained at some inn when it got late.

Amma asks Bala where are all of you. Bala says sorry, we remained at the hotel around evening time. Amma says you ought to have called. Mani says we are doing this to brighten up Ishita, sorry, we will be back by evening. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you lying. He says no, Ishu, Mihika and Simmi have taken morning walk. Bhuvan gets paper. Arijit checks it and asks where is the news, get every one of the papers quick. He checks the news on television. He says I drove him from the patio, there was no odds of his survival, for what reason isn’t Ishita recording police grumbling, for what reason does she need to shroud this news, the business network realizes that Raman kicked the bucket in plane accident, Ishita and her family aren’t cash disapproved to conceal the news for business reason, at that point why, I trust Raman didn’t endure.

Precap: Ishita says mummy ji and Amma shouldn’t realize that Raman is here. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla see Mihika, Simmi and all leaving the clinic.


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