Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 10 Jul episode starts with Kartik realize Naira is alive or will he reject what he saw as a fabrication of his creative mind? Will Kaira at long last rejoin?

Predetermination needs Kartik to remain back in Goa, and we know why. The promotion of Wednesday’s episode uncovers that Kartik hasn’t taken the trip to Udaipur because of awful climate. He visits Kairav’s home to look for assistance from his mom, not realizing that she is Naira. Kartik visits Kairav’s home after he gets stranded out and about because of a heavy deluge joined by a rainstorm.

Without power, Naira grasps a light and gets stunned to see Kartik at the entryway. She sees Kartik, however he doesn’t see her as a result of the obscurity. Naira controls her feelings as he addresses somebody from her landline expressing he will remain back in Kairav’s home and not wander out in such an awful climate condition. There’s a mirror directly before him, and when he takes a gander at the light in the mirror, he sees Naira remaining behind him.

Will Kartik acknowledge Naira is alive or will he expel what he saw as an invention of his creative mind? Will Kaira at long last rejoin?

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For the individuals who participated in late, Kartik traveled to Goa to spare Kairav after he furtively leaves home to meet his dad in Udaipur. In the wake of achieving Goa and seeing Kairav just because, he gets joined to the young man without realizing that Kaira is his child. An extraordinary bond creates between the two, as they strike a passionate harmony. Naira, who sees the dad and child holding with one another, acknowledges how gravely Kairav missed his dad. So she chooses to give him a chance to meet Kartik.


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