Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 10 Oct episode begins with Naira reminds Karthik of a drunk wedding, now what will happen? Vedika’s next step in this relationship is called Naira, will remind Karthik of a drunk marriage which Karthik has forgotten. During this, Vedika will listen to the conversation between Karthik and Naira.

In the last few episodes, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has seen a lot of twists and turns. On the show, when Karthik and Naira decided to separate, the audience was very disappointed with this, but at present, the growing closeness of Karthik and Naira in the show has created a wave of happiness in the audience. In the upcoming episode today, Naira will reveal everything about her marriage to Karthik which happened while in captivity.

The promo of the show shows that Karthik gets shocked after listening to the wedding as he does not remember what happened during the intoxication. A new twist in the story will be seen when Vedika listens to the conversation between Karthik and Naira. Also in today’s episode, Karthik’s lawyer Damini Mishra tries to win her trust while trying to sympathize with Naira.

What will happen next? Naira, Vedika’s next move, tells Karthik that the two of them have once again got married in a drunken state. During this, Vedika listens to what happened between them. Vedika considers Naira to be a rift between her and Karthik, now knowing that, Vedika may try to harm Naira as she does not want to lose Karthik.

Naira, who was angry with Damini Mishra, will be shown in the upcoming episode today that Damini will show false sympathy to Naira. After which Naira will get very angry and she will tell Damini that she will die with the custody of her son Kairava.

Damini will go on to win the case. Another trick is that after Naira faints, Damini may become angry during the case, Damini may have crossed all limits to win the case.

Kundik and Naira, the goons who had come to kidnap the children, are kidnapped by the pandal of Navratri, but the goons will tell that they actually came to kidnap the children but when they do not meet, they take Karthik and Naira along.

Naira will have to be cautious. Damini Mishra has been shown caution in the earlier episodes of the show that Damini can do anything to win the case, Naira needs to be very careful because Damini has to go through all the tricks in the court and she is a careless The mother will leave no stone unturned to prove it.

Karthik wants to compromise Naira. Karthik wants to compromise Naira over his son Kairava but Naira will refuse to accept it as she does not want him to make any kind of agreement about Kairava.

Karthik’s mother will be upset about this, Karthik’s mother will tell Karthik that Karthik is keeping everyone unhappy with the court case. Karthik’s mother will tell him that he should settle the case outside the court. Karthik will decide to talk with Naira about settling the case off-court but Naira will refuse any compromise.


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