Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Suwarna asking had been you running far from yourself, Vedika or this marriage. She says I understand Kartik you pass over Naira a lot, I additionally leave out her, inform me in case you are not prepared for this marriage, we can stop it. Naira says I m coming Kartik. Suwarna asks why do I sense which you have been running away, all and sundry feels that you aren’t marrying by heart, you realize what to do, suppose properly. Kartik says I m marrying Vedika, i used to be sorting the papers which Sharma wasn’t entering into my car, I m marrying Vedika by means of my desire, Naira is useless and received’t come returned, I leave out her, it doesn’t imply that I received’t flow on in life, Naira is my past, Vedika is my gift, I m now not under pressure, I m marrying willingly and happily, how lengthy will I maintain counting days, its been five years now, I need to pass on, so I m marrying.

Naira gets shocked listening to him and cries taking into consideration his words. She goes. Suwarna says you could’t keep on fake family members for long, I want you to do that with the aid of coronary heart, near your eyes and assume what you want to go, if you go beforehand, you can’t turn returned, Vedika has waited for you for lengthy, she has stored a lot patience, I gained’t let you play with her lifestyles and feelings, think about it, ask your coronary heart what it wants, do you actually need to get married.

Naira says what did I assume that i will go to Kartik, he is marrying and moving on through his want. She cries taking into consideration him. She says why do I want to dissatisfied his life whilst he is settling down, I should run away as some distance as i will. She runs on the road. Liza says don’t understand if she spoke to Kartik. Naira comes. Liza asks did you communicate to him. Naira says anybody thinks differently. She goes. Liza receives sad and says I thought the entirety will sort out, I understand Lord is checking out them, please unite Kairav with his dad and mom.

Kartik drives to the clinic. He stops on the sign. An old man sells the toys and says buy something, it’s going to deliver you some luck. He blesses Kartik and insists. Kartik buys some thing. He leaves. He sees the lioness toy. He says I m sorry Vedika, I couldn’t stay far from Kairav, don’t know what’s my relation with him.

Dadi cries. Manish consoles her. She says I don’t care for myself. He says everybody desires you. She asks in which is Vedika, don’t depart her on my own today. Suwarna says Bhabhimaa is together with her. Dadi says she waited for at the moment, Kartik didn’t try this right. She prays. Nurse says senior doctor will meet Kairav and have a look at him, get those drug treatments. Liza asks Naira to speak to her. She prays for her. Kartik comes and sees her. He asks how is Kairav, Liza wherein is his mom, I ought to meet her additionally, inform me where are they. the person tells doctor about Kairav. Kartik hears this and is going. Liza calls Naira. She says what do I do now. Kartik sees Kairav. Yeh rishta….performs… Kairav says you’ve got come, thanks, I thought you went some distance from me and mum. Kartik says I m here with you. Kairav says you received’t cross anywhere proper. Kartik says sure.

Liza asks where did Tina go. Naira receives drugs and argues with the person. She says I need to be with my son, is there something here. the man says sorry, you can get drugs from the ground floor. Liza seems for her. Kartik sees Kairav and cares for him. He says sorry. Kairav laughs and says mum changed into proper, you get scared without problems, you fainted as soon as through getting frightened of injection, I m also like you, even i have problem with injections. Kartik says Kairav…. Pallavi says so you are right here, you do consider us and senior surgeon, let me check. Kartik asks when will health care professional come.

Kartik says how did this appear all at once. Pallavi says things manifest suddenly, I desire you had been involved for Vedika and circle of relatives too. He says don’t mix expert and private lives. She says I understand you due to Vedika, in any case name Kairav’s mother, i’m able to brief you collectively. Kartik says i can go see your mother. Kairav says please call her, I need to take a selfie. Kartik says if Pallavi says something to you, don’t experience horrific, she is little strict but properly. Kairav says get mother first. Kartik says i will get her, wait here.

Kartik is going out. Kairav thank you Lord for sending dad. He says now please make her meet mum and then don’t ever separate them, I want both of them. Ward boy suggests the brand new hired staffman about the room, wherein liquid nitrogen is stored. He says if gasoline leaks a great deal, man or woman can get suffocated and die also, i will tell the supervisor to lock it, so that no person goes inner. Naira collides with a girl. The drugs collapse. Naira says there was one greater bottle, did it move interior. She enters the door and gets the bottle. She gets locked. She says what’s wrong with this door. She turns and sees the nitrogen chemical. Liza asks where are you Tina. Naira sees her and shouts.

Precap: Kartik says surgical procedure will start and Kairav’s mother is missing. Naira is trapped. Liza says promise me, you may store Kairav’s mother. Kartik says I promise you, i will get her. He is going in and saves Naira. He gets bowled over and says Naira…..


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