Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

YRKKH 14 July Episode begins with Naira contending with Sita. Suwarna says Naira is acceptable esteemed, she will oversee everything when Sita comes. Akhilesh says indeed, she will dazzle Sita. Sita asks who wears such garments, young ladies from great families… Naira asks her not to pass judgment on anybody by garments. Sita says garments show thinking about the individual. Naira says you have worn great garments and that being said talked severely, what’s your reasoning. Sita chides her. Naira says you won’t comprehend in the event that you couldn’t care less for people and mankind. She inquires as to whether she is fine. Sita takes a gander at Naira. Naira leaves. Sita says I wish I don’t meet her once more. Kartik says Sita would reach soon, and Naira… . Naira gets back home. Kartik asks what occurred, for what reason are you irate. Naira says don’t inquire. He asks did you battle with somebody. Naira says I met a discourteous aunt. She tells everything. He says fine, we realize you are the sovereign of the wilderness, presently become the sovereign of the house, Sita would be coming. She says yes. He says prepare in conventional style.

She says Sita likes it. He says even I like it. She grins and goes. He petitions get the arrangement. He says Sita would be coming at this point. Everybody hangs tight for Sita. Sita shows up and sees them. Naira prepares. Kartik figures for what reason didn’t Naira come. Dadi says she is preparing. Naira says Kartik would be sitting tight for me. She gets a message. Kartik requests that her come soon, she can dazzle Sita. Naira proceeds to fall on the bed. She gets injured. Sita welcomes them. She cleans Dadi’s glasses. She says sorry, there was stains on your glasses. Dadi expresses profound gratitude, I will do the aarti now. She does the aarti. Kartik presents his family. Surekha gives the bundle to Sita. Sita says thanks to her and says the blossoms are lovely. Surekha says my name is Surekha, not Pushpa. Dadi says the blossoms are from our nursery, Naira has arranged this bundle. Sita says I m happy to know this and meet all of you, where is Naira. Kartik says she is getting ready to invite you. Naira says your welcome will be ideal, Kartik grinned as a result of you, much appreciated. She goes to invite Sita.

Sita sees an artistic creation of wild creatures and evacuates it. She says it shouldn’t be at home, toss it, pictures of savage creatures shouldn’t be there else individuals additionally get such conduct. Kartik says you are correct. Surekha says she got the artistic creation expelled. Suwarna requests that her stay quiet. Kartik says she is Naira. Naira moves and invites Sita. Dadi, Suwarna and Surekha likewise move. Sita grins. Naira sees Sita and gets stunned. She shrouds her face. Dadi says this is our Naira. Sita gets stunned. She requests that they stop the dramatization, they can’t swindle her. She admonishes Naira. She says I have seen her, the garments she wears, how she carries on, I don’t have any expectation from this family if the bahu is this way. Naira signs Kartik. He says Naira isn’t that way.

Sita says I get everything, I was happy to meet all of you, I feel sorry for you that she is your Bahu, I would prefer not to plus or minus anything from here, its great I didn’t drink water here, else I would have lamented a ton, sorry, I can’t do anything. Naira stresses. She reviews everybody’s words. Sita gets leaving. Naira stops her. She says possibly you are mixed up, I didn’t meet you, perhaps you are correct, that young lady wasn’t me, however could be my sister, her name is Tina, she is my twin sister. Everybody gets stunned.

Naira says she looks simply like me, I m Naira, she is Tina, we appear to be identical. Sita asks twin? Naira says indeed, there is 3 min contrast, she is more youthful to me. Sita returns and says gracious, so you both are twins. Naira says yes. Sita says I was thinking, I m stunned to see the distinction, I mean comparability. Naira says it occurs, we are distinctive in conduct. Sita yells do you think I m a nitwit that you will say any story. She says you reprimanded me, that woman was to blame. Naira thinks you reprimanded me for my garments, wasn’t it wrong. Sita says you had worn such garments, you are playing this story here to find support for your family, is there a breaking point for your falsehood. Naira says I m not that. Sita requests that they help her. Naira says it is anything but a falsehood, Tina exists, in what capacity will I cause you to accept, Tina is genuine like Naira, right Dadi. She requests that they state. Kartik says truly, truth is Tina exists, Naira isn’t unique. Sita asks what. Naira says she is Naira’s sister. Dadi says yet Tina and Naira… Naira says individuals regularly get deceived. Manish says its off-base Naira. Naira says truly, Tina fouled up, we will clarify her, is this a method to address older folks, I m sorry, I will cause her to apologize. Sita says I didn’t see such twins previously. Naira says pause, I will clarify.

She shows Lav and Kush’s photos. She says they look same, we likewise look same, however we are not one, ask Kartik, when he met Tina, what did she let him know. Kartik says frog… . Naira says indeed, does anybody talk this way, she used to do this since youth, I used to get reprimanding due to her, there is one distinction, her hair are wavy, my hair are straight, you know it now, she was Tina and I m Naira, we are unique. She thinks sorry Sita, I m lying, I have no other way now.

Precap: Kartik welcomes Sita and says it wasn’t me however Bhautik, he is my twin sibling, look there. Sita sees Bhautik and Tina.


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