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Karthik put Damini for Naira, now a dirty game will be played to win the case. In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Damini Mishra will go to Goa to gather evidence against Naira and try to prove in court that Naira never wanted a child.

In the last few episodes in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, viewers are getting a lot of twist and turn. Kartik and Naira’s growing proximity to the show has created a wave of happiness in the audience. In the upcoming episode today, it will be shown that a case is going on in the court for Cairn’s custody. Damini Mishra does not want to lose the case under any circumstances, due to which she will go to Goa and gather evidence against Naira. Damini presents the evidence brought from Goa to the court and tries to prove that Naira did not want a child.

Damini has come to understand that Karthik is getting emotional in his fight for custody. Damini is fearing that her image will be tarnished if the case is resolved in court. So she is ready to go to any extent to win. Currently, the lives of Karthik, Naira and Vedika are trapped in the whirlpool. In the upcoming episodes, it will be clear whether Damini will be able to turn Karthik and her family members completely against Naira or not and if she manages to do so then how will this affect Karthik and Naira’s life? Will do.

Karthik lashes out at the lawyer, Karthik breaks up in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai when lawyer Sahiba starts using inferior words for Naira. Karthik loves Naira very much and cannot see anyone insulting him like this. In such a situation, Karthik shouts when the lawyer comes to him in a rude court. He says that – how dare you talk to my Naira like this.

Turn Karthik Naira away from Vedika, after seeing so much love for Naira in Karthik’s heart, Vedika will once again be seen burning. She would talk to herself and say, ‘What have I got? I was devastated. ‘ Earlier on the show, Vedika was heard saying, ‘Will my marriage ever be successful. Will Karthik ever be mine? ‘ The fans of this show are crazy lovers of Karthik Naira. Karthik does not want anyone else to come in between Naira. In such a situation, Vedika is constantly being demanded from the makers that she should be removed from Karthik Naira.

Seeing whom on the way, Vedika panicked, sweat swept, now a storm is coming in Vedika’s life. There is someone whom Vedika is becoming unconfirmed. Vedika goes to court to leave Karthik. Meanwhile, she sees someone whom she is nervous to see.

What is this relationship called, I came in suspense, when Vedika goes to leave Karthik from the car to the court, she sees a bikeman at red light. He has a tattoo in his hand. She gets nervous after seeing him. Now suspense has been created in the show.

Karthik-Naira and Kairava’s amazing connection, the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai I am getting a twist from one to the other. The connection between Karthik Kairava and Naira is being shown in a very beautiful way. Karthik and Naira call Suni Kairav, Anarth, Karthik and Naira are going to divorce. Both have reached court. Then both of them hear the voice of a coward. The connection between the three is seen here

Damini fell to such an extent to win the Kairava case. Damini fell to such an extent to win the Kairava case. Damini explains to Karthik that now the way to win the case is that she will speak against Naira, Karthik will chase the lawyer in front of everyone for Naira, Kartik, Damini has not had a case till date Defeated. In such a situation, she is now afraid that if she loses this case with Naira, then her image will be in danger. In such a situation, she will tell Karthik that we will have to make false allegations against Naira. But in court, Karthik will not be able to hear all this and will put Damini in front of everyone.

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