Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Naira expressing gratitude toward Kartik with a kiss and embrace. Rama asks Gayu to drink lemon water. Gayu says sorry, I agitated you and still, after all that all of you are dealing with me. Devyaani says life is extremely delightful, you should live it joyfully, when life gets intense, when the family is along, issues gets unraveled, so dependably keep the family along. Gayu expresses gratitude toward her. Devyaani and Rama sing Maari banni… . Devyaani applies mehendi to Gayu and says another shading is coming in your life. Dadi says Kartik took Naira in his work, who will orchestrate Sangeet and mehendi now. Surekha approaches what was the requirement for Naira to consent to Puru. Mansi says precisely, request that Naira reject. Dadi requests that Mansi let the marriage occur in harmony. Naira sees everybody and returns. Kartik stops her. He kisses her and requests that her go.

Naira goes ground floor. He asks that her introduction goes well. Dadi favors Naira and requests that her completion work soon. Puru requests that Naira come quick. Lav and Kush want her to enjoy all that life has to offer. She proceeds to give the introduction. Kartik administers the other work. Dadi says its Kalyug, Kartik is doing family work and Naira is overseeing work. Kartik says its not Kalyug, however measure up to yug. Kartik converses with worker and says sorry, I m confounded, take care of business as you need.

Puru applauds Naira and goes to embrace her. Kartik embraces Naira. He says awesome, I m so pleased with you. Puru says what could be better that Naira has joined Ila’s venture. Samarth says well done Naira, Kartik you need to proceed to meet Bhatia, its pixie. Puru says sorry, Bhatia didn’t wish to pause, he needs to meet today. Dadi says you men proceed to do your work, we ladies will get time to do our work. Puru says no, Naira needs to accompany me for the introduction. Mansi looks on.

Naira says we will meet after Gayu’s marriage, I have much work. Puru says let others take every necessary step. Dadi says a few things are finished by bahu as it were. Ila says truly, we will hold up until the wedding is finished. He says I would prefer not to hold up additional, plans are so great, don’t stress, I will help in marriage game plans. Dadi says fine Naira, do what he is stating, we can’t state no to him, he helped us a great deal. Kartik and everybody request that Naira go. Naira says OK, come Ila. Ila says no, I have a demon video meeting. Puru says it doesn’t make a difference, you can go along with us when you get free. Kartik says all the best. Samarth says come Kartik, we are getting late. Mansi stresses.

Surekha says Mansi accompany me, I need to demonstrate you something. Naira supposes I m feeling abnormal to run with him, I realize he is decent however it would have been exceptional is Kartik was along. Mansi yells to Naira. Puru plays melodies and says tunes are weird nowadays, sorry, we had important tunes in our occasions. Naira gets some information about the introduction, customers with the goal that she can set herself up. He says it doesn’t make a difference, introduction got dropped. She asks what, when, you didn’t let me know. He says I saw the message blazing on the telephone screen, we won’t miss the festivals, we will proceed to have frozen yogurt, I understood I don’t have any acquaintance with you, let me know you, what do you like in nourishment, garments, who are your companions, did you had any BF before marriage, its fine, you can tell later.

She gets Kartik’s message and thinks even his gathering got dropped. She gets Mansi’s call. He takes her telephone and says its impolite that you are noting call when I m conversing with you. She supposes his aims look awful. Mansi says Naira be sheltered, we young ladies need to secure ourselves. Naira says I need to return home, I overlooked my drugs, I m feeling unwell. He says you are so imprudent, you ought to have conveyed drugs. She says I overlooked, by which course are you taking me. He says driver advised this to me yesterday, its an alternate route. Dadi requests that Mansi help everybody in work. Mansi says you couldn’t care less for anybody. She says you generally act oblivious. Dadi says I don’t comprehend what you state.

Mansi says you can’t do anything, I will do what I need to. She goes. Dadi says I don’t have the foggiest idea what she is considering. Puru says you didn’t do right, you made meextremely upset. Naira says on the off chance that it was another person, I would have broken his bones, what do you think, you are shrewd and we as a whole are fools. She gets chastening him. He gets furious. She says you are a shabby man, I will advise this to Kartik, I will tell everything how you have wrongly contacted me, how could you contact me by misleading me about gathering. Ila comes and yells how could you make such allegations on my father, do you by any chance think about whom are you talking. Naira says he is a letch. Ila says he is my father. Naira says he doesn’t have the right to be known as a father. They get contending. Puru looks on.

Precap: Kartik says shut up, I won’t hear a word against Puru. Puru says for what reason are you sitting around idly Naira, Kartik will be furious when you charge me. Naira says you begin checking down.


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