Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Pallavi introducing Dr. Mehta, Dr. Juhi and Dr. Sid. Naira asks will Kairav get best. Juhi says be strong, in case you live robust, your case will live sturdy, a mum is the one with the most braveness, the hollow is pretty large. She indicates the report. Sid says we should do an open heart surgical operation. Naira says but its carried out on adults. Juhi says don’t worry, kids have excessive restoration price, Kairav will live a normal life. Sid says you and your own family ought to make will strength robust, we are able to do our paintings. Juhi says mum’s prayers can supply a new lifestyles to children. Naira thanks them and compliments. Sid says we will prepare for the case. They move. Pallavi asks is Kairav’s dad here. Kartik says sure, his dad has come. Naira cries.

Kartik says we can communicate to him later, he’s busy, there is a few trouble, tell me what to do. Pallavi says I want his signs, till then i will prepare for the surgery. She is going. Nurse receives the form and asks for signal. Kartik says health practitioner stated dad’s signal are wished. He signs and symptoms and gives the shape. He thinks of her loss of life. She cries. Kairav comes to them and says I got you both together, wow, our family got entire, glad family, we won’t let dad pass everywhere. Kartik asks how did you return out.

Kairav says sorry, I had come as you weren’t coming. Kartik takes him. Kairav says i can get healthful as soon as I dispose of germs, i’m able to inform you boys mystery, i will journey motorbike, play football and opt for water rides, don’t tell mumma, i’m able to tell her later. Naira smiles seeing them. health practitioner says we should do pre surgical operation take a look at up, what did Kairav final eat. Kartik asks did you eat something. Kairav says sandwich. Kartik asks while did you devour. Kairav says mumma knows it. physician asks Kartik to invite his wife for information. Naira comes and holds Kairav’s hand.

She says yes, he ate what the nurse added within the morning. medical doctor asks nurse to take the patient to OT. Kairav says take away the germs quickly, I must play with mom and dad, I want them. Nurse says they are able to’t come. Naira says they just need to check about the germs. Kartik says its imp. Kairav asks will you be right here, each of you. Naira says sure. Kartik says I gained’t come again if you move. Kartik says don’t say this, we can be here, promise. Naira and Kartik make a pinky promise.
Bhabhimaa asks how did Kartik come right here. Dadi asks for Kairav. Nurse asks who’re you. Dadi says I m Suhasini Goenka, I m his dad’s Dadi, he is my awesome grandson, did you apprehend, inform me, wherein is he. Kartik says I made a mistake, you were irritated on me, what did our infant do, why did you punish him, what kind of a mum are you.

Naira says don’t make the mistake to ask the equal thing, a wife tolerated it, a mum gained’t tolerate it. He says you have to learn how to tolerate the mistake, my questions have just all started, we could see what answers you have. He is going. He removes and throws his sherwani near the bin. Dadi says wow Kartik…. He turns and sees the entire own family. Dadi says I remained alive to see at the moment, you are my blood, even you then have throw my dreams and hopes into the bin, why. Manish asks what are you doing. Samarth asks why are you being humane simply towards the child. Suwarna asks don’t the family’s wish remember to you.

Dadi says you don’t take care of my dreams or existence. Naksh asks him to be accountable and assume. Bhabhimaa says its not proper. Manish asks him to answer. Dadi asks him to inform them. Kartik says Kairav is my son. They observe him. Kartik says my very own son, my blood. Pallavi says we tell patient’s relatives earlier than surgical operation to get blood units, does everyone have the equal blood group as Kairav. Naira says his dad. Dadi asks what are you… Manish asks nurse is there any private region wherein they are able to move and talk, its some family matter. Nurse says sure, there’s a ready room there.

Naira looks for Kartik and says i’ve to tell Kartik, will he agree, yes, we are able to cope with our problems. Manish asks whose son is Kartik. Samarth asks did you’re taking this drama critically. Suwarna asks how could Kairav be your son. Dadi says I don’t apprehend whatever, explain it. Kartik says that’s the fact, Kairav is my son. Naira sees Kartik and says i have to talk to him. Kartik says whilst that boy came domestic, mum said he brought happiness, he’s the heir of the circle of relatives, dad said he appeared like me, his hair, its because he is my son, he seems much like me, Dadi stated his habits matched with mine, I concept how can one of these coincidence show up, its the fact, he’s my son, all of us didn’t know about it. Manish says don’t talk in riddles, inform us without a doubt, who’s his mum. Naira comes there. Kartik turns to her. She walks to him. all of them turn to peer.

Precap: all and sundry receives bowled over seeing Naira. Bhabhimaa slaps Naira. Kairav’s surgical operation is done. Kartik says if some thing occurs to my son, you’ll see my facet which you had never imagined.


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