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The Episode begins with Puru asking Naira and Ila to stop it. He makes a pitiful face and after that goes grinning. Ila follows him. Naira supposes I need to tell Kartik. Mansi holds Naira’s hand. She says Puru accomplished something right. Naira asks what occurred. Mansi says I m not a child now, I m wedded, I know him. She sees Puru gazing and gets strained. FB demonstrates Puru prodding Mansi. He requests that her be peaceful, none will trust her any ways. FB closes. Naira asks Mansi what occurred, let me know, don’t be terrified. Mansi cries and goes. Naira sees Puru there. He grins.

Dadi says you are back, Puru, you completed your work early, accompany me, its Gayu’s mehendi, I m thinking to make you begin the mehendi. They go. Naira says it will not be right on the off chance that he does the shagun with his shoddy hands. She goes and asks Lav and Kush where is Mansi. They state Dadi has sent Mansi and Anmol out. Naira says Mansi left without conversing with me, to what extent will I hang tight for her. She calls Mansi. They state we have her telephone with us. Naira says how would I discover now. She hears Kartik and says say thanks to God, Kartik is here. She goes out. Kartik is available to come back to work. He reprimands the individual a great deal.

He says I won’t tune in to anything against Puru, he is a legitimate man, do you have a proof against him, keep your mouth shut. He says Naira, I m irate, the general population can target anybody with modest attitude. He embraces her and says they can’t utter a word, they ought to have confirmation. He gets a call and goes. She expresses profound gratitude Kartik, I will presently orchestrate confirmation against Puru, his fact should turn out. Puru inquires as to for what reason are you squandering your time Naira, its better you end the issue here, you just perceived how Kartik chided the person, in the event that he can get so irate on minimal issue, you have no clue how he responds when you blamed me for such a major thing. She says don’t stress over Kartik, I know better how he will respond, in the event that he recognizes what you have finished with me, you have no clue what he will do with you, he cherishes you, however he regards young ladies, he realizes how to battle for their respect, you begin tallying your days. She goes.

Naira grinds mehendi and thinks about Puru’s words. She gets injured. Ila gets the ice 3D shapes and thinks about her. She says you will finish up harming yourself in this, you will be at misfortune. Naira says I never left supporting truth by my dread to get injured, I effectively deferred things, I will bring his fact out. Ila says reconsider, you are mixed up, my father is particularly regarded, you are out of your faculties to accuse him. Naira says I feel terrible for you, you will be mortified as a result of him. Ila says you pulled off this as you are Kartik’s better half. Naira says your father pulled off this as he is Kartik’s uncle. Ila says you are not doing this right. She goes.

Naira prepares. Kartik embraces her. She gets frightened. He says you effectively get terrified, this is our room, who can embrace you like this, let me know, I will see him. She says don’t break senseless jokes, there is a great deal of work. He asks what occurred, let me know. She embraces him and says his lines. He says I have a great deal of work. She takes his scent. He requests that her offer it to him. He gets her and says you can’t have your own particular manners dependably. She runs and requests that he get the fragrance first. He gets it from her. She says let me go, I truly have a great deal of work. He says truly, yet I can’t pass up on this brilliant chance. She kisses him and goes.

She says I should seek about Puru on the net, I may get some information, just beneficial things are expounded on him. She reviews Manish’s words. She calls his NGO and says this is Priya from India, would i be able to address somebody about Mr. Ajmera. Lav and Kush come to call her. The woman requests that her get back to on Monday. Naira goes thinking to hold up till Monday. Dadi stresses for the game plans. Surekha says everything is finished. Naira asks where is Mansi. Dadi says I have sent her to ashram, she will come.

She asks Surekha to call Kirti and ask where is she. Naksh says we have come. Dadi invites everybody. Samarth signs Gayu and grins. Naira goes to the entryway. Kartik embraces her and says who are you hanging tight for. She says Mansi didn’t come yet. He says I addressed Anmol, they are en route. Kartik jokes and invites everybody in Samarth and Gayu’s mehendi, it accompanies a turn, Naira will tell it. Naira says sorry. Puru says should be cautious, Naira’s center is elsewhere. Naira insults him. She says Kartik confides in me and wouldn’t fret anything, we need to accomplish something other than what’s expected, would you be able to figure the topic. Kartik says Naira’s answer lies in her inquiry, topic is enigmas, its enjoyable to unravel puzzles, we will make two groups, the two groups will contend to win. Naira says we may become acquainted with a mystery while illuminating questions. She sees Puru.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Update: Naira says I won’t be peaceful, I will bring his fact out, what he did to Mansi. Dadi says don’t be frantic Naira, simply remain calm as I had been tranquil.


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