Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Naira coming to Kartik. lighting fixtures go off. Naira says sorry, I didn’t want to disturb. they all appearance on. Naira says medical doctor stated Kairav needs blood for surgical operation, your and his blood group is same, so…. She turns away. She sees absolutely everyone’s mirrored image in the glass. Kairav innocently talks to health practitioner. He says I want genie, who can fulfill my wish, I want a huge circle of relatives like my dad has, I need father and mother collectively, and also dad’s large family, Vansh additionally. Dr. Mehta says i will try to make space on your tummy so that Genie stays there. Kairav says i will take care of him. Akhilesh is going and actions off the curtain. Kartik stops Naira and asks wherein are you going, you stored this truth in darkness, it has pop out now, it’ll are available the front of them additionally, Kairav is my son, his mum is not a person else, but Naira. each person receives stunned seeing Naira. Bhabhimaa is going and slaps Naira. all people seems on.

Naksh asks who gave you the proper to make us cry. Bhabhimaa says when you did mistake earlier than, you had been young and scared, immature, why did you do it. Devyaani says we idea you’re useless, all of us neglected you so much and cried for you. Bhabhimaa says you saved that child away from us, why. Naksh asks Naira to mention, don’t forget how they lived after mum exceeded away, how dare she give identical pain to own family.

He says observe Kartik, you didn’t think for him, you died once, he died every day in your love and memory. Suwarna says you called me mum, Akshara gave me your obligation, our relation linked, I always instructed Manish that I feel Naira is alive, she will come again. Gayu says you probably did the equal years in the past and this time again, you probably did incorrect, you have no right to insult our love.Suwarna says Luv and Kush are faraway from Akhilesh and Surekha due to you, these days Kairav is faraway from Kartik. Dadi says i used to be happy that you proved me incorrect, you are the high-quality female for Kartik, you proved that my first influence turned into proper, a spouse and bahu can be terrible, how can a mum be horrific, how ought to you try this together with your son, why, you saved him right here on my own, why didn’t you get him to us. Kartik says I m the purpose of her running away, I did incorrect but she did an awful lot incorrect, Kairav wasn’t there, I didn’t recognise, however you knew the whole thing, why didn’t you inform me, I did the error in anger, Naira did this deliberately. Samarth asks what do you suggest, say it in reality.

Kartik says you imply Jadejas’ marriage, you consider Mihir…. Naira cries. Kartik tells the entirety. He says I asked this question to her in anger. every person is bowled over. Manish says how ought to you observed like this, so cheap. Kartik says I were given blind in anger and jealousy, I found out later that I made a huge mistake, i’d have by no means accomplished this if I knew.

Suwarna says you didn’t inform this to every body, I m no longer justifying Naira, however after listening to this, no wife will stay together with her husband, its your mistake Kartik. Dadi says I agree that Kartik did wrong, however Naira did a bigger mistake to behave to die, to keep child away from own family, its now not a small mistake, Naira must have come to us, we would have supported you and punished Kartik, we might have not allow you to move. Gayu says none can endure this, Kartik doubted Naira’s love and additionally her person, so she had run. Naksh says Kartik doubted her, enough, if Sasural would not aid, why didn’t you agree with Maayka, why did you not convey Kairav to us. Dadi says Kairav is on this country due to your struggles, Lord will by no means forgive you. Samarth asks what is going to you answer Kairav. Naksh asks will you run away again.

Suwarna says Kartik couldn’t sleep or eat well, in those five years, just he knows how he spent lifestyles with out you, i’ve visible him, he might be regretting loads, he didn’t say something in opposition to you, whilst he didn’t desire for a kid, he involved for you, you gave him wish for a child, while you got a child, you made him away, how. Naira cries. She checks reminder and says its time for Kairav’s surgical procedure, I have to cross, I m sorry, I don’t need to make clear anything, for me, my infant changed into greater imp that time or even nowadays. She is going. Kartik and everyone go after them. Akhilesh thinks thank God, fact has come out, my guilt were given less. Lukka chupi….plas… Kairav asks when will mum and dad come. Liza says they would come. Kartik and Naira come there. Liza thinks father and mother should come together for his or her infant’s happiness. Kairav smiles.

Precap: Naira asks is the whole thing high-quality. She is going to Kartik. She sees him with Vedika. Kartik warns Naira.


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