Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Naira speaking to Kairav. Dadi blesses Kartik and Vedika. medical doctor says she needs relaxation, please exit. Dadi says the whole thing might be best now, you agreed to my want. every person seems on. Liza says there may be nonetheless time, you’re in hurry. Kairav says I want to meet my dad. Liza says you found your dad. He says yes, angel uncle requested me to name him and i referred to as dad, I got my dad. Naira says my mum used to mention that one who are destined to fulfill will usually meet, and one who are destined to element approaches gets distant. Liza says Lord made them meet. Kairav says I wrote a poem for dad. Liza asks no longer for circle of relatives. Naira says there are many humans there, that’s circle of relatives. Kairav reads the poem. Naira cries. Liza says its tears of happiness, right. She says I want Lord always maintains you glad.

Kairav says our bus has come. Bhabhimaa makes Vedika put on bangles. Akhilesh appears on stunned. Vedika hugs Bhabhimaa. She says I don’t have any time, I realize its not smooth to provide that location to me. Bhabhimaa says its empty, fill that place. Akhilesh thinks after I were given to understand about Naira, Kartik agreed for Naira, shall I inform him. Manish says I feel horrific for Kartik. Suwarna says we will just pray that their relation stays nice. Manish says I had no other way. Samarth says pandit ji known as on Dadi’s quantity to tell about puja. Manish says we can preserve a puja for her healing. Vedika says you’re doing this for Dadi, right. Kartik says how does it count, its taking place what you and all of us want. Kairav asks Naira to come speedy.

Liza asks will you omit me. He says no, i’m able to name each day. She thank you and says i really like you. She hugs Kairav and Naira. She says simply make a call in case you need my assist. Naira suggests her e-price tag. Suwarna and Manish take a seat in the havan. Pandit says maybe Dadi knew about the threat coming at the own family so she requested me to do the puja, i was busy that time. someone from the circle of relatives may fall in any problem, it can be fatal. Suwarna says mum become sick, she is best. Manish says now the entirety will get first-class. Pandit says no, hassle continues to be there. Kairav asks will rainbows and butterflies come once more while we meet dad. Naira thinks of Singhania and Goenka residence. Naira says this time, it’ll be better. He faints. Naira lifts him and asks what took place. Liza sprinkles water on his face. He gets conscious. She asks what passed off to you. He says I felt shifting round.

Akhilesh thinks to inform Kartik. Naira asks health practitioner what passed off to Kairav. He says the whole lot is excellent, he simply has weak spot. Naira asks Kairav to say what he had in breakfast. Kairav says I forgot to consume sandwich even as writing poem for dad. Naira says I had to accomplish that many things. He says sorry, i’m able to devour it now, dad makes excellent wreck pakodas, i was conscious all night time and did packing. doctor says he has anxiety, make him relaxation. Kairav says I must go to dad. Naira asks can he travel. Akhilesh goes to Kartik. Kartik says i’m able to simply get the medicines and are available. Akhilesh says its imp, think once more about marrying Vedika. Kartik goes. Akhilesh asks whom shall I say, if I make this information reach Naira then, she can do something. Kartik asks Naira to return. Naira says our bus left, we can move the following day. Kairav says please, I need to go these days. Naira says that become closing bus these days, we will move tomorrow, come domestic and relaxation, don’t be disappointed. Kartik says don’t understand what become Akhilesh trying to mention. Naira makes Kairav sleep.

Naira receives a call from credit score card organisation. Akhilesh talks to Liza on video call and says i used to be trying so much to attach. She asks did you reach Delhi. He says yes. She says I m missing you, I need to spend extra time with you. He says I realize, there is a whole lot time. She asks shall I come to Delhi. He says now not now, I m going out to Udaipur, there’s a wedding. Liza says you’re refusing to meet your GF. He says i have commercial enterprise friends, Kartik Goenka, Manish Goenka. She gets taken aback and sees Naira. Liza asks whose marriage is it. Akhilesh says Kartik’s marriage, its his 2nd marriage, his first spouse left the house, he’s marrying Vedika now, i will go and attend the wedding. Kartik comes there and talks to Samarth. Naira involves Liza and asks did you spot my debit card. Liza says no and disconnects the call. He thinks I observed Naira and saw her with Liza. He turns and sees Kartik.

Precap: Dadi says I called the pandit to get marriage mahurat. Liza says he is going to wait marriage at Goenkas, its Vedika’s marriage with Kartik Goenka. Naira receives bowled over.


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