Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 17 Aug episode starts with There has been a problem in Kairava’s surgery, Udha Vedika has reached the hospital…Kairav’s life be saved, will Naira and Karthik be one again? See what this relationship is called, in the Monday trek

A lot of new and exciting is going to happen in the new trek on Monday. Naira Naira and Kartik Kartik engaged in hopes of saving the lives of Kayrv. Let us tell you that TRP also remains on the serial top in the rating of Bark and user interest is increasing in its story. The user likes the pair of Naira-turned-Shivangi Joshi and Karthik-turned-Mohsin Khan.

A lot has happened between the hospital and the wedding pavilion. Karthik gets shocked seeing his wife and child again. Knowing the realities of the family and surgery of the coward. Amidst all this, the audience is trying to know what is going to happen in the upcoming trek.

Till now, the family has been shocked by seeing Naira. Now Naira and Karthik are waiting for Kairava’s surgery to be completed. On the other hand, after knowing the truth of Kairava, Karthik is very angry that why Naira kept her son away from him. Karthik holds Naira responsible for this condition of Kairava. He gets angry and marries Vedika in the same rave.

Returning to the hospital, he threatens Naira that if something happens to my son, you will see my form which you cannot even think about. After this, Karthik goes out. Meanwhile, in the middle of the surgery in the hospital, the doctor comes out when something is serious and informs Naira. Naira runs away and calls Kartik, but there Vedika stops her steps after seeing Karthik in a saree and bindiya. Karthik then introduces Vedika and Naira and says that Naira is his first wife and Vedika is his wife. Both of them are shocked to know about each other.

On Monday, Kairav’s health will worsen in the upcoming trek. The doctor is going to inject him and the needle will fall down. On seeing Kairava near death, Karthik and Naira would hug each other crying. The trek will end at an interesting turn and will force the viewer to think ahead.

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