Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Naira asking have been you speakme on your BF, while will you introduce me to him. Liza says don’t recognize, name were given disconnected. Naira says carry on, i will e book tickets. Liza says he is also going to Udaipur. Naira asks why, for business work or personal. Liza says he goes to attend a marriage at Goenka’s circle of relatives, do you know any Vedika, its her marriage. Naira asks with whom. Liza says Kartik. Naira gets stunned and remembers her marriage. She cries and says he thinks I m dead, its pleasant he has to start his new existence. Liza asks her to pay attention. Naira says I recognise you’re doing this to realize my past, I didn’t tell you my lifestyles’s story. Liza asks are you k, what will I do by means of hurting you, you don’t realize me. Naira goes and locks the door.

Liza asks her to open the door. Naira cries. Kartik says I m now not geared up for this marriage. Naira says he regularly occurring that I m useless, however how can he marry someone else, he always stated he can’t love anyone except me, how did he agree. She says the day I left him, while he requested that question, our relation ended, I shouldn’t take care of it. Kartik says i was indignant that night time however love didn’t get much less, if I didn’t say yes for marriage…. not anything matters extra than Dadi now, I already lost Naira. Naira says I got angry and left house, I must undergo this now.

Liza says I don’t recognize your problems, you have to determine now, you want to stay right here or pass on. Akhilesh thinks i can’t inform everybody, else everybody will understand about me and Liza. Surekha says i’m able to’t even sleep in peace, I m going to youngsters, you don’t sleep and don’t allow me sleep. She goes. He messages Liza and deletes the textual content. He says what shall I do to recognize if this news reached Naira.

Kartik says shall I call him or not, I didn’t omit everybody so much Kairav, I omit Naira a lot. Kairav calls him and says solution my name, I omit you. Kartik says I gained’t answer the decision. Its morning, Kairav calls out Naira. She says I m coming. He says we need to go to Udaipur to dad. She says what is going to I inform him. Vansh runs to Dadi and gives her plants. Dadi smiles seeing everyone. Vansh says welcome Tai Dadi. Dadi hugs him. He says its excellent you have got come, absolutely everyone changed into disenchanted. Samarth says flow apart, Dadi has to take rest. Gayu takes Vansh to her. Suwarna wards off Dadi’s bad sight. Dadi asks Kartik to live there. She is going in and calls Kartik and Vedika together. She wards off bad sight. She says that’s why I desired to return home soon, the motive for my dwelling is my youngsters, I need to get high-quality. Kartik asks her to get first-class soon. Pandit comes and greets them. Suwarna says puja got over the day gone by. Dadi says I known as him to get mahurat for Kartik and Vedika’s marriage. Vedika asks Kartik to inform Dadi that he desires more time, its count number of complete life. Kartik says Dadi, i’m able to go and take a look at your room. He is going.

Gayu says don’t recognize how he agreed for marriage, I recognize him, he can’t consider everybody besides Naira, I m advising you, suppose nicely else it may get difficult to handle matters. Suwarna appears on. Akhilesh says concentrate Kartik, don’t rush, I know its tough for you, perhaps you don’t want to marry, your antique relation comes returned, if there has been Naira and your infant, it would be big aid, I had seen a cute boy in Goa, I felt in case you had a son, he might be such as you, he become carrying specifications, you want youngsters with specifications right. Kartik says i’ve an urgent work and goes. Akhilesh says why couldn’t I tell him without delay.

Kairav asks Naira to hurry up. Naira says whilst God takes our fav element to offer us better thing, he knows higher than us, we must accept as true with him. He says ok and goes. She cries and says I need you to continually stay satisfied. She thinks of Kartik. She cries and gets her ghungroos from cabinet. Gayu comes to help Suwarna. Suwarna stops her. Gayu asks are you aggravated with me. Suwarna asks why did you inform that to Vedika, Kartik and Vedika’s marriage is constant. Gayu says this marriage has no love, its a compromise. Suwarna says your way changed into incorrect. Gayu says you saw it so soon, you didn’t see what’s wrong is going on with me, a few human beings didn’t take delivery of me absolutely, now not even Vansh, he doesn’t recognize what he isn’t this own family’s blood, Dadi by no means blessed him with love, Samarth spoke large things and got me right here, his conduct were given Vansh, every person has visible it, you all forget about it, I m living life with a desire that this circle of relatives will sense our need, if Vedika and Kartik get married, and have youngsters, our wish will cease, I also idea of my baby, in case you suppose its wrong then I m wrong, all and sundry can’t be high-quality for you, you sacrificed Shubham for Kartik’s sake. She is going. Suwarna cries. Naira dances and thinks of Kartik. Kartik asks why did you depart me, why didn’t you slap me, no Naira, i’m able to’t do this, i will by no means deliver your vicinity to everybody else.

Precap: Naira says he’s moving on, I must additionally move on, I received’t cross there. Kartik hears ghungroo sound. Naira says Kartik move and make your new phrase.


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