Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Dadi saying Naira ought to understand about Kartik. Suwarna says Kartik asked us now not to inform her, its now not a large thing, he may be quality. She looks after Naira. Manish asks him to have soup, he will experience better. Dadi looks on. Naira comes and says I received’t be able to come, Kartik is unwell. Mihir says what passed off to him, he was best the day before today, maybe its viral, come on, be sensible, this meeting is imp for her. Naira says no, Dadi called me, it means its imp. He says best, anything, tell me if you may include me. Devyaani says Lacchi did this. Kirti says ask her, but don’t get angry. They go to room and see Lacchi drowsing. Kirti stops Devyaani. Devyaani is going. Lacchi opens her eyes. Naira comes domestic and asks how is Kartik, what did physician say. Suwarna asks didn’t you move. Naira says Dadi stated Kartik isn’t always high-quality, how is he, I left the meet, say something, what occurred. Suwarna says he went for an imp meeting.

Dadi asks why are you looking at me. Naira says Dadi stated… Dadi says he is nonetheless sick, he went as assembly turned into imp. Naira says I left meeting and came. Dadi says so what, its exceptional. Naira says no, its now not satisfactory, Kartik went for meeting, it manner he isn’t so sick, i’d have come if you called me, i was scared the way you advised me, I made Mihir disenchanted and left responsibility. Dadi says this responsibility is imp, he works to run this house, you work for your hobby, tell me what’s greater imp, control your marriage, you’re married, Mihir gets every person, you’re competing with Kartik, you need to show you are higher than him, he continually supports you on account that he is good at coronary heart and blind in love, however I m no longer blind, i have seen the sector, I won’t permit some thing incorrect appear with him. Naira says I don’t want to compete with Kartik, he has no hassle, why are you growing problems, you scared me by means of lying. Dadi says I didn’t lie. Naira says you didn’t say reality. Dadi says enough, you observed you’re smart and others are fools, forgive me Naira, go and do your paintings, i can deal with Kartik. She goes.

Bhabhimaa offers a potli for Kirti’s jewelry. Kirti says you’ve got the jewelry, I felt it were given stolen. Bhabhimaa says who will scouse borrow it, Devyaani did you doubt Lacchi, did you ask her. Kirti says no, she was dozing. Bhabhimaa say she might have felt very bad. Lacchi comes and says I felt awful, I slept for lengthy, you didn’t wake me up. Kirti says we thought you ought to rest. Naira cries. Suwarna comes and hugs her. Naira says Dadi called and stated depend is severe, I were given scared for Kartik and left paintings, Dadi have to have stated the truth. Suwarna says you didn’t say incorrect, you probably did plenty for this house.

Akhilesh says Kartik gave right answer to Jadejas. Manish praises Kartik. Akhilesh says its 50% develop price cheque. Manish asks them to get tea and kachoris. Samarth says its not allowed to you. Kartik says you didn’t go to Delhi, is the whole thing best Naira. She says not anything. Manish asks did the assembly get cancelled. Samarth says you can enjoy Krish’s annyaprashan. Surekha asks them to come and notice Dadi. each person involves Dadi and asks what took place. Dadi says not anything. Surekha says Dadi is aggravated, she doesn’t need to come back. Dadi asks Kartik to invite Naira. Naira says I didn’t say something that you are feeling terrible. Dadi says sure, you didn’t say however scolded me. Naira says no, you are saying incorrect, I just asked.

Dadi says will you ask me the entirety, don’t i have senses, go away. Kartik asks Naira to be quiet. He apologizes to Dadi and pacifies. He asks her to get equipped. Naksh makes halwa for Krish. Kirti jokes on his halwa. Naksh says its not a small event, its Krish’s annyaprashan. Devyaani says dad have to take infant’s duty additionally. Lacchi seems on smiling. Naira messages Mihir and says what shall I write, he will suppose I m a liar. Kartik comes and says I had fever, I took drugs and got first-class, what took place. Naira says its ok. He says sorry. She says it turned into my mistake, why are pronouncing sorry. He says your meeting would have were given cancelled, way to you, my designs got standard. She says congrats, I m so happy for you. They hug. He says finish paintings, we can simply enjoy in Krish’s feature. She nods. Yeh rishta….plays…

Precap: The woman says this gift is from Naira, she is insulting her husband as she is earning now. Kartik is going. Naira cries.


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