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The Episode begins with Kartik coming to Mansi. He holds her. She gets terrified. He cries seeing her. She says you here, for what reason are you crying. He embraces her and apologizes. He says I would never turn into a decent sibling, for what reason did you remain quiet every one of these years. She asks how might I say, who might trust me. He says I would have trusted you, Naira revealed to me all reality, we are with you, you are not frail. Naira says you must be solid. He says truly, we should uncover Puru, we need your assistance for that. Mansi says he is Dadi’s sibling, everybody regards him, I will confront the embarrassment, my marriage will be influenced, my connection with inlaws will break. Naira says no. Kartik says don’t be apprehensive, Puru needs to get rebuffed. Mansi says let it go. Naira says attempt to comprehend, its pixie to tell family.

Kartik says you need not utter a word, we will do the talking, we will do whatever required. Mansi expresses gratitude toward them and says I m fortunate that my companion is so seeing, however I feel we should end the issue here. Kartik says don’t stress, we are with you.

The families come in the gathering. Rama says Dadi has done all capacities. Dadi says we are from same family presently, lets begin the capacity. Rukmani comes and asks how might you begin it without me. She meets everybody and approaches Surekha to make room prepared for her, she will remain here until marriage occurs. She welcomes Manish and Akhilesh. She asks who is he. Manish says consider him as a sibling as well. She says I will get increasingly rich at this point. They giggle. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask where are Kartik and Naira. Samarth says I think they are arranging some amazement for today around evening time. Kartik says it will be uncommon. Naira says the topic is unique and thought is increasingly extraordinary, this night will be critical.

They open the entryway and demonstrate the gathering lobby. Rukmani says extraordinary, I have seen this in television. Naksh says we had same topic in Ananya’s marriage. Naira insults Puru and requests that they wear covers. She says a few people ought to understand that their reality will be uncovered. Naksh inquires as to why this address, is it a sting task or gathering. Naira says sorry, we will begin the gathering.

Kartik says lights will get off, we will choose the covers and wear it, disguise gathering will occur in diminish light. Puru says genuine, anybody can inconvenience being behind the veil. Kartik gets furious. Naira holds him. Kartik says it will be enjoyable to get the guilty party. Music plays… . they all select their veils. Kartik hits the dance floor with Naira. He asks are you prepared. She says yes. Kartik says pursue the shining watch, on the off chance that you have any uncertainty, alert the security. Naira gestures. Rukmani discloses to Rama that she never thought Dadi will consent to this connection. Dadi hears Rukmani. Rukmani says I thought its Rama. She proceeds to state Dadi will be irate at this point. She goes to Anmol and says I mixed up Dadi to be Rama and told a great deal of things. Manish hears her. Rukmani says now Dadi will reprove me, she generally overwhelms us. Manish says I m happy to know your feeling about my family. She stresses. Disco deewane… .plays… Naira says I got confirmation against you. Puru stresses. She says you can’t escape now, the person who will affirm against you is holding up outside in greenery enclosure. Puru pursues her. Kartik looks on. He contends with Naira. She says I need to demonstrate your real nature to everybody. He says you figure it will get genuine, you are having much boldness. She says I don’t have more valor than you, you act mischievously with young ladies and after that lie, much fearlessness is expected to imagine quiet.

Puru says indeed, I realize you have no confirmation. Naira says in the event that you are so certain, for what reason do you look anxious, proceed to chill at that point, when the evidence is out, you will be no more. He says I m not frightened, I know it is extremely unlikely. She says you will admit the violations when truth turns out, I have a strong verification, you will let it out yourself. She approaches him does he concur for conceding reality. She chides him. She says simply consider Ila, she won’t care for see your face when she learns your reality. Kartik says incite him all the more with the goal that he lets it be known. Naira says fine, I have the evidence, you can’t do anything. Kartik interfaces the speakers. Puru says enough Naira, I concede I have done all that. Everybody hears him. Puru says this is valid, I acknowledge my slip-ups. Dadi stresses. Puru says I never lie, on the off chance that I don’t state it, at that point I wonder what all individuals accuse me. He acknowledges that he has utilized his sources to get Ila’s venture endorsed, I influenced a few people as well. He cries and says I needed to do it, its Ila’s fantasy venture. Ila cries. Puru says I realize we got the endorsement by wrong methods, Ila will do it truly, even Kartik and you are associated with the undertaking now. He cries and says I will support a few NGOs and help individuals to decrease my blame.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Update: Puru comes to Naira and says I realized you won’t frustrate me. He gets stunned seeing Kartik. Naira says I will bring your fact out.


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