Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Naira saying I will go to meet that fake dad, you will be here, I had sent Kairav to school, I want to meet that man alone. Liza says Lord does everything for a reason. Kartik says I will handle this. He thinks to meet that angry mom once he helps Vedika in her stall. Dilon ke mohalle….plays… Naira sees K and N written and recalls Kartik. Kartik sees a tiger soft toy and smiles recalling her. Dadi says everything is fine, Kartik is helping Vedika, Suwarna I will call you later. A man comes there. Guard asks what’s this. The man says this belongs to that lady. Guard sees Dadi and asks him to go. Kartik and Naira are at neighboring stalls. They hear about some performance. They hear the song Jag ghoomeya…. and turn to see the performance by a couple.

They recall their marriage. Kartik helps a lady. He picks the cards. He says take this too. She sees the card and says the person whom you had no hope of finding again had come back in your life. He thinks.
Vedika comes and gives him a doughnut. He says I m not hungry. She asks him to eat it, he has to manage stall, she is already ill. He eats the doughnut and recalls Naira. Aahatein…plays…. She says its tummy, the shoppings name is Tina cakes, you can tell me if you want more, there is much variety. He goes to the stall and smiles. He sees Liza there. Liza signs to ask what. He signs about doughnut. Kartik says why do I feel Naira was around. He turns and sees Dadi. Naira says I thought of meeting him before Kairav comes. Liza says Kairav will be here with me, go and meet him, there is a very handsome man at next stall, maybe your BF should be like him, shall I show him, you need to forget the past and move on. Naira says you know how was my past. Liza asks her to say. Naira says you tell me about the secret man in your life. Liza says I can’t tell you. Naira says then don’t lecture me. Liza jokes. She says just see that dude, fair, handsome, bunny’s teeth and dimples near his chin, rare but so cute, leave it. Naira turns to see. She thinks of Kartik. She thinks no, this can’t be Kartik, I better control my feelings and focus on my work.

Kartik cries. Dadi says Naira didn’t make this, I heard Vedika, I m tired of explaining you, every Tina isn’t Naira, she is no more. He says I go to office, stay happy and smile with others. She says Naira’s memories have bounded you. He says I didn’t see Vedika in that way. She says she loves you a lot. He says I will always love Naira. Daid says she is dead. He says she is alive in my heart, Vedika is my responsibility, I will fulfill my duty but I can’t give her Naira’s place in my heart and life. They see Vedika. Vedika goes. Father brings Kairav. Naira says now he will ask me if I met his dad. Liza says tell him he is busy. Kairav hugs Naira and asks where is dad, did you meet him, did he help you. Naira says you must be hungry, what will you eat. Kairav says I will eat what dad eats. Liza says he went to meet his boss. Naira says he will come in evening. Kairav says ask him to come here in evening.

Liza says come and play video games with me. They go. Naira says sorry, you have a family and you are living alone. Kartik doesn’t see Naira. Kairav jumps. Dadi asks are you fine. He shouts for help. He says you are a thief, you steal children, you will take me and sell me to bad people. Dadi asks do you think I m a thief. He says you will sell me and make me a beggar. He shouts for help. He says this aunty is stealing me. Dadi says its nothing like that. Vedika says you haven’t even given me my place in your life, I like you but I m not psycho to get you, I won’t be able to bear it if you stay hurt, we can become friends to talk like normal people so that we can share our feelings, I don’t want to become your responsibility, I know Naira’s place in your life, nobody can replace love, friendship is the best. He says friends.

Kairav says thieves don’t look like thieves. Dadi says your mum has put wrong things in his mind, I belong to a decent family. The ladies taunt and joke on her designer saree and fake jewellery. Dadi says my jewellery isn’t fake. Kairav says call the police. Dadi scolds him. He says she is yelling at me, help, I will bring my mum, she will beat you. Dadi says he looks innocent, he is naughty. He goes to call Naira. Dadi shouts Kittu come soon. Kartik comes. Dadi asks do I look like a thief, tell them. Kartik smiles and talks to people. Kartik laughs and says the kid called you a thief. He hugs Dadi. They laugh.

Precap: Naira falls down. She sees Kartik and gets shocked. Jhoke….plays….


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