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YRKKH 1 Oct episode begins with Naira will be forever away from Karthik, the new twist in the story after Divorce will be shown in the upcoming episode that the situation between Karthik and Naira gets so bad that even though they don’t want to drag each other to court Would be the one that could end almost everything between their relationships

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, one of the most popular shows on TV, is getting a lot of love from the audience. Ever since Naira returned to Karthik’s life in the serial, the show has been getting a lot of turn and twist. The upcoming episode will show that the situation between Naira and Karthik is getting worse.

The upcoming episode will show that the situation between Karthik and Naira gets so bad that they both have to drag each other to court despite not wanting to, which can almost end everything between their relationships. Although Karthik and Naira are very much in love with each other and do not want to separate from each other, they are unable to do anything due to the difficult situations they have been facing for some time.

Karthik signed the Divorce paper show that the distance between Karthik and Naira seems to be increasing. Karthik tells Naira that you sent the Divorce papers, I have happily signed it. It is good that you have sent me a notice, now you cannot take my baby coward away from me.

Karthik’s father said that Naira will be shown in a bad show that Karthik’s family reaches Naira’s house. Where Dadi and Karthik’s father call Naira very bad. Karthik’s father Manish speaks directly to Naira quite the opposite. After which Naira’s family is seen getting entangled with Karthik’s family by taking Naira’s side.

Which fear is haunting Vedika? Karthik and Naira may fight the case for Kairava’s custody, which scared Vedika. Because Vedika knows that because of that, the custody case of Kairava is going on. If Karthik comes to know about this, he will leave Vedika.

Is coward the reason for the deteriorating relationship between Karthik and Naira? The relationship between Karthik and Naira has deteriorated considerably. It seems that soon the two will get divorced. The reason for the deteriorating relationship between the two is their son Kairava. There has been a misunderstanding between the two over the cowardice itself. Now it has to be seen whether the misunderstanding between the two ends.

Naira, who is trapped in Naira’s trap, will be shown in the show that Naira, unaware of Vedika’s intentions, decides to help her legalize her marriage to Karthik. However, Naira is not aware that she is digging her own grave by doing so. Naira sends the divorce papers to Karthik so that Vedika gets legal status as Karthik’s wife.

The promo of the show shows that Karthik is very sad to see the divorce papers and sends another set of papers to Naira. However, Kairava feels that Naira wants to remove son Kairava from him. Karthik and Naira are unaware of Vedika’s plan to get rid of Naira by playing an emotional card. Now it has to be seen whether Vedika can succeed in her warts or not.

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