Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kartik crying and saying my father is solid, get up now. Dadi comes to him and embraces Kartik. They cry seeing Manish. Kartik goes out. Dadi sits with Manish. He calls Suwarna. He says return soon. She asks what occurred. He says nothing is fine, come soon. She concurs. Naira comes to him. He asks will father get fine, I realize my father is a contender, he won’t lose, I can’t see him in agony. Naira gets chief’s call. She says I m getting calls from office, converse with him once. Dadi says office issue can’t be greater than this issue, Akhilesh and Kartik won’t converse with anybody now. Naira says yes however… Dadi says I can’t clarify you, return home and organize nourishment. Naira sees Kartik and goes.

Bhabhimaa says don’t have the foggiest idea if Manish got fine or not. Devyaani says heart assault has turned into a typical thing nowadays, none can say what’s happening in a solid individual’s heart. Bhabhimaa says we should in every case express resentment and love, and not stifle sentiments. Devyaani says truly, the fix is only one, remain upbeat. Bhabhimaa says Naksh said they had a major misfortune. Devyaani says truly, don’t have the foggiest idea who will pay for it and how. Naira gets back home. She hears some clamor and swings to see. The financial specialists get in. They request that her get Manish and Akhilesh out. The director says they became acquainted with about the shopping center task and needed to meet Manish. The financial specialist says we didn’t know Puru will pull out, the task won’t be finished now, we need our cash.

Naira says hear me out once, sorry, don’t stress, Goenka family won’t let you bring about misfortune, Manish endured a heart assault, we will pay all your cash, this undertaking didn’t get slowed down. The financial specialist asks by what means will you pay us, its everything hogwash. She says this isn’t jabber, its our guarantee, if Manish could talk, he would have said the equivalent, I m saying this for his sake. The financial specialist says we addressed Kartik and Manish, its better they converse with me. She says we are in a bad position, attempt to comprehend, I m mentioning you to give us some time, regard your terms with Goenkas, this issue is sudden, we need to battle, be with us, give us some time, we will attempt once, you can do anything and choose. The speculator says fine, we will come tomorrow, set up another proposition, on the off chance that we see any degree, at that point fine, else… . She says on the off chance that we get additional time. The financial specialist says we have no time. They leave. She stresses.

Manish says Kartik, everything got completed, what will I answer the speculators. Kartik says we will oversee them. Manish gets up. Kartik says simply unwind. He gets out Akhilesh. Akhilesh offers tea to everybody and solicits them to take care from their wellbeing. Kartik asks Manish to rests. He yells and sees a chime. Manish evacuates the breathing apparatus and falls. Suwarna comes and holds him. She says I have come, quiet down, nothing will transpire. Manish says let me go. She says no. Kartik expresses gratitude toward Suwarna and says you have come, father will get fine soon. She cries. He supports her. Akhilesh checks his telephone. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani attempt to comfort Krish. Krish cries.

Devyaani says Kirti went to meet Manish. Bhabhimaa moves to reassure him. He dozes. They get eased. A toy falls. Krish awakens and cries once more. Naira comes to clinic and asks Kartik how is Manish. He says better, mum has come, she has overseen father, yet she is crying a ton. She says we can get it. He asks where were you. She says I will disclose to you something, will you get furious. He says no, let me know. She says I returned home, all financial specialists came there. She lets him know everything. He asks how would you figure out how to do this, we were thinking how to converse with them and get some time, much appreciated. He embraces her. She expresses profound gratitude, you liberated me of strain, I feel whatever I did perhaps right. He says you did well, father was asking me in what manner will we recuperate cash, you asked time from them, much appreciated.

She says we need to consider ahead currently, in what manner will we do this. He gets a call from bank. The man says we became more acquainted with your better half requested some time, you should keep house sold on the off chance that you neglect to reimburse cash. Akhilesh comes and says Suwarna is crying a great deal. Naira goes to Suwarna. Kartik says give me two mins, I will call you, there is a crisis. Suwarna says your father isn’t opening eyes, request that he converse with me. Kartik comforts her. Akhilesh says Kirti addressed specialist, Suwarna has been in medical clinic since long and now she recalled Shubham, its everything mental. Specialist says reports have come, there is 80% and 100% blockage in two corridors, we need to do medical procedure in the first part of the day. Kartik says we as a whole are here, attempt your best, nothing ought to happen to my father. Suwarna sobs for Manish. Naira checks telephone and figures in what capacity will I present the proposition to financial specialists tomorrow.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Update: Naira says I m feeling terrible for Kartik. Bhabhimaa says ladies can do anything. Kartik and Naira set up the proposition.


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