Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Naira seeing the cardboard and crying. Pallavi says i’ve checked all the reports, the problem you had, your son doesn’t have it, however… Naira asks what’s the matter. Pallavi says but we need to perform a little specific assessments, it will show up right here, you go together with the nurse. Naira takes Kairav. Gayu says Vedika had a few paintings here, we can cross, I didn’t want to come back. Vedika says I desired to include Surekha, but Akhilesh and Surekha needed to go to Lav and Kush, else they could have no longer neglected my engagement. Gayu asks her to hurry up. Naira, Liza and Kairav come there. Kairav says we can visit dad. Naira says we came to shop for Liza. He says however I need to meet dad. Naira says Liza usually enables us, you could buy a present to your dad. Kairav is going.

Naira says sorry Liza, reviews will are available in some time, we are able to spend time right here, I wanted to avoid the malls, we will get reports and leave for Goa. Vansh and Kairav argue and say this is mine, I need to present it to someone. Gayu says Vansh is with a such infant. Naira is near. She says Kairav has made a friend here. Liza says precise. Gayu tests some clothes. Vansh says this is for my huge bro. Kairav says papa is huge than bro, its mine. the man says we will come up with the same jacket. Kairav asks do you’ve got . the person says we’ve got many. Vansh says so funny, we were combating for this. Kairav says pals and shakes hands. Vansh says my bro will appearance a hero on sporting this.

He asks Kairav to reveal %. Kairav says I don’t have. Vansh says i’ve a %, i can display you. Naira and Gayu see Vansh and Kairav. Naira says I received’t disturb Kairav, I need to seeing so that he doesn’t go anywhere. Vansh indicates the coronary heart formed key chain. He says my bro and my %, take a look at this. Kairav receives shocked and says this is my dad. Vansh says you’re so stupid, my bro doesn’t have a wife, her name changed into Naira, what’s your mummy’s name. Kairav says Tina, he’s my dad, my mum in no way lies. Vansh says i will make you meet my bro, you may recognise he isn’t your dad. Kairav says he is my dad. Vansh says then come. Kairav thinks if i get dad right here, mum will like the wonder. He goes with Vansh. Naira gets Pallavi’s call. She sees Kairav going out and signs Liza. They rush. Vedika says this dress could be very terrible, its not the layout what I determined. Gayu says i can’t say anything, you need to deal with this. Naira says don’t understand where is he going. Vedika asks why are you announcing as though its my fault, what shall I do now. Gayu says you ask Kartik or Dadi, she likes you. She goes to see Vansh.

Vansh and Kairav run. Naira shouts Kairav. Gayu seems for Vansh. Vansh asks driving force to take them domestic. motive force asks in which is madam. He calls Gayu and says Vansh is with me. She says thank God. Naira says wherein did the youngsters pass. driver says Vansh wants to move home. Gayu thinks everybody gets irritated on me if I depart Vedika on my own. She says pleasant, take Vansh domestic, ship another automobile for us. Vansh and Kairav take a seat within the vehicle. Naira sees them and runs. Kairav says dad, I m coming. Naira runs after the automobile. Liza hires a taxi and gets Naira in. Naira asks driving force to follow the automobile. Kairav says while dad came to Goa, he made destroy snacks for me.

Vansh asks did he present you something. Kairav says my cheeks, my nostril and my eyes are much like him, even my hands… driver smiles hearing their communicate. Naira shouts Kairav. She thinks that’s the residence to Goenka residence, you could’t do this Lord, Kairav can’t visit the Goenkas. She asks motive force to pressure fast. Vansh asks Kairav about Kartik’s car. Kairav says white. Vansh says wrong, its silver car, you don’t realize, he isn’t your dad. Liza says they disappeared, what lets do. Naira shouts Kairav…. Liza says they received’t be capable of go a ways. Naira thinks don’t take that proper turn. the auto takes the right flip. Vansh says come out, we’ve got reached. Kairav receives down the car and sees the house. Naira’s comparable stroll in is shown. Vansh asks Kairav to return. They get in.

Naira sees them entering into. Liza asks what passed off. Naira cries. lighting get on the instant Kairav steps in. Kairav says wow, the lighting fixtures are so beautiful, when my dad returns from secret challenge, we are able to have a celebration. He sees the rangoli and is going. Pandit says permit me practice the tilak while you are coming into the house. He does tilak to Vansh. He asks are you his pal. Kairav says no, I got here to satisfy my dad. Pandit goes tilak to him and blesses. Kairav enters in. Dadi smiles seeing the lighting fixtures. She says happiness has returned after a long term, the light of happiness seems so precise. She prays for the circle of relatives and heir. plant life fall over Kairav. He smiles. Liza asks what happened Tina, come. Naira thinks i will’t cross in to take Kairav and i’m able to’t go away him here.

Precap: Kairav says Papa…… Kartik says Kairav and turns to look him. Kairav falls down. Kartik rushes and hugs him. Naira says please come back with Liza. Kairav says I gained’t come till mum comes. Kartik thinks i will talk to his mum today.


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