Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

In today’s episode of the serial ‘ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ‘, Karthik and Naira and their entire family have reached the hospital. There, when he hears the name Naira, he is shocked and says Mama, your name is Tina, so why are everyone saying Naira here? On this, it is explained to him that it is a nickname. The coward agrees and insists on going home. Kairava says that he does not feel well in the hospital. The doctor says that you can take Kayarav after a week. Gives 1 week in sight.

Krishna is Janmashtami and Karthik, Dadi and Naira all pray to God that Kairava comes home well. On the other hand, Naira along with her brother prepares to make Kairava Krishna. She reaches Kanha with Kanha’s dress. On the other hand, Karthik also makes Kairava Krishna Ji. Before Naira arrives, all of them go to bed with Kairava. Naira reaches the hospital and is stunned to see Kayarav there. The nurse there holds Naira holding Kartik’s note and tells him that Kairava’s father took him home.

On the other hand, Kayarav is welcomed into the house by becoming Kanhaji. When Vansh sees that the entire attention is getting to Kairav, he feels bad, Gayu also gets depressed after seeing the son sad. Feeds yogurt with his hand to Kairava. There Kairav ​​is repeatedly missing his mother. Naira also reaches Goenka House. Kairava gets happy after seeing his mother. Naira tells him to go and wish Krishna ji on his birthday. Naira gets very angry with Karthik as he leaves Kairav. Naira says to Karthik that how did you think of bringing my child here without asking me? How dare you? Apart from Karthik, Naira also threatens the rest of the family, saying that no one should try to separate her from her child.

What will come tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s episode will show Karthik and Naira hugging for Kairava. But Dadi threatens Naira that she will not allow anyone to break into this house or life.

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