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YRKKH 28 March episode Kartik pronouncing i can find Naira. Samarth asls in which did they go. Surekha says they’ll come. Akhilesh says we can prepare to take Naira. Naksh says so soon? Dadi asks lets take her subsequent month. Manish says we can take her. they all argue. Akhilesh says permit Kartik and Naira decide this. Manish asks how will we pass time. Kirti says we will talk Samarth’s marriage. Samarth says its terrible concept, where did Kartik and Naira pass. each person asks Samarth to get married soon. Naksh asks do you like a person. Manish says come on tell us. Lav and Kush ask Samarth to tell speedy, else he could be single after they get married. everybody laughs. Samarth looks at Gayu. the person says she is the equal woman, shall we mix this unique thandai, she had thrashed me badly last time, i can
take revenge. Naira looks for Kartik. The guys upload the bhaang within the goodies and thandai. They giggle.

Anybody gets laid low with bhaang. They giggle. Kartik says I were given married but didn’t get the bride. Naira comes and asks Gayu what’s going on. Gayu says all of us changed into finding you, Kartik is there. Naira asks what came about to them, did they consume some thing wrong. Gayu says don’t realize, I didn’t wish to consume some thing. Surekha goes to Dadi and says you’re very smug. Dadi says you said wrong, I m very a great deal arrogant. they all chuckle. Samarth says they may be proper, I need to get married now, even you bought married, Kirti additionally did. Kartik says no, you shouldn’t get married, being unmarried is fine, one gets married, but wife doesn’t come domestic and issues. Samarth says but better halves loves us also, right. Gayu says they appearance so lovely. She makes a video.

Naira says we must forestall them. Gayu says we ought to get lemons. They pass. Naira and Gayu see the thieves and scolds them. the man says do whatever you want, your entire circle of relatives is busy in playing holi, what will you do on my own. Naira pushes him and fights. She asks Gayu to overcome him. Gayu remains away. Gayu hits the person. He goes to hit Gayu. Naira makes him fall down. Naira stops the person and takes the cash bag back. She slaps him. He falls down. He receives up and runs. Naira asks what passed off, I known as you generally, you didn’t listen, I m very indignant on you, we can combat for ourselves. She takes the bag. Gayu cries. Naira asks why are you crying. Gayu says sorry, i’m able to’t risk, else my infant… sure I m pregnant, promise me, don’t tell anybody, I didn’t tell Rama. Naira asks why, its a very good information, I m glad for you. Gayu says the elders will react the other way. Naira asks does Vivaan recognise.

Gayu says yes, so we are marrying in five days, don’t tell every person, not even Kartik. Naira says kick back, I gained’t tell each person, we can have fun, I m going to grow to be an aunt, don’t strain your self, i will do all of your work, be cautious. Surekha, Naksh and every person say we didn’t recognize this, thank Lord, we are saved. Gayu says thank Naira, she fought with goons. Kartik says I m so pleased with you. anybody thank you Naira. Naira says i’m able to get hot milk for every person, till Naksh informs the police. Kartik is going to Naira and hugs her. He asks are you surely best, what to do, I m never with you in vital situation. She says milk usually spills whilst we shrink back for a second, its ok, once in a while we are able to stop the spilling and every so often not, it doesn’t depend if we’re collectively at a few particular time, what subjects is if we are collectively by coronary heart. They stop the milk from spilling. He says you’ll come home nowadays. She says all of a surprising, no, Krish has got used to me. He says quality, you could come whilst you feel proper. She says have you ever lost your memory, did you neglect, fooling you is my fav passtime. He smiles.

Naksh says I reported to police, inspector will name Naira for information. Gayu takes pills. Samarth asks are you alright. Gayu says i’ve some weakness, its vitamin supplements. He says sure however you take it with milk. Dadi gets Purushottam’s call and says stay blessed, you obtain busy, are you assembly Tejaswini plenty, you don’t have time for me. She says Puru is coming. Kartik says I m very glad, he couldn’t attend my marriage, i’m able to introduce you Naira. Manish says he is Akhilesh and my uncle. Dadi says he is coming now finally. Akhilesh says he stays so busy. Kartik says we’ve such a lot of things to speak, he’s like my friend. Naira asks whilst is he coming. He says he used to come here in my early life, I used to have a number of amusing. Manish says we used to have a laugh. Dadi says its been a few years to see him. Lav says you may put together his welcome later, first take Naira domestic. Dadi asks Bhabhimaa to let them take Naira. Bhabhimaa asks them to take Naira.

Naira hugs Naksh. He says i am hoping you stay much happy. He thank you Kartik. He says you wish for her happiness extra than each person else. Kartik says thanks, its your duty to constantly take me back to the fact. Kirti says Krish is asking you to maintain coming. Naira says i’m able to come. She hugs all and sundry. She hugs Gayu and asks her to take care and go to a health practitioner, considering the fact that she will get busy. naira’s bidaai occurs.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode update: Every person says Puru Mama always helped us loads. Puru comes domestic. Kartik hugs him. He says Naira could be happy to satisfy you. Puru smiles.


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