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The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira’s entry in Goenka residence. Dadi does their grahpravesh. She asks Kartik to take Naira’s promise, that she desires to live all the time with them, irrespective of what takes place, she can by no means leave this residence or him. Naira says I recognize I promise this. Dadi says I want you to make some remembrance, so that you constantly don’t forget your promise, put a seed in it and add water, when the plant grows, your promise gets more potent. Kartik and Naira water the seeds. anyone claps. Mansi involves them and laughs. Dadi says you’re nonetheless infantile, is that this a manner to come back to Maayka. Surekha says you didn’t name to inform. She hugs Mansi. Akhilesh asks did you combat with Anmol.

Mansi says we had been coming to Udaipur for paintings, he dropped me here and went for assembly, you may ask him. Surekha asks did she fight and come. Dadi says no, she seems so satisfied. Mansi asks who will tell me the story, Kirti told me about you. Kartik and Naira sign to every different. Kirti says you’re missing Naira loads, proper. Naksh says sure, however i used to be lacking this greater, sorry Kirti. She says no want to be sorry, promise me, we are able to take choice for Krish collectively. He says I promise. She asks Krish to see, his dad is creating a promise, if he breaks the promise, then he have to combat from her facet.

Naksh asks are you now not excited to satisfy your Puru mama. She says he is dad’s uncle, he is few years older than dad, he has an first-rate personality, we visited him in youth, he loves Mansi lots, he become like he had followed her, we can meet him. He says we will meet him, put together a room for Vivaan, I m very happy, each my sisters may be settling of their lives. Kartik and Naira come to their room and notice their cute decorations. Kartik says Mansi did this, that’s so candy of her. He lifts Naira and takes her. He says whilst we are getting a danger to romance, why don’t we try this, that is like a reward after crossing the problems. She says this time, you’ll be in my region and i may be to your location, why should you get the praise usually. He sits on the bed. She says not this manner. He says not like old films, we could make our very own film. She liquids the haldi milk while he asks for it. He says I wish this second stops here, for all time. They hug and sleep.

Its morning, Kartik wakes up and looks round for Naira. He sees her on the window. He is going to greet her morning. She asks whilst did you arise. He says simply now. She says the outer area view is first-rate. He says my view is higher, what do I inform you how a great deal i like you. He lifts her in palms. Dadi asks all and sundry to make preparations. He says food can be of Naira and Puru’s desire these days. Kartik says i’m able to control it, their preference is the identical. Manish says he’s a large businessman, he has opened many trusts for public welfare. Akhilesh says specifically for women empowerment. Manish says he furnished the capital for my first enterprise, he’s at the back of Goenkas industries success. Akhilesh says he has always supported us in emotional fights and economic crisis.

Kartik says whilst there may be combat among elders and youngsters, he favors the youngsters, watch out folks now, Puru the guru is coming. They snicker. Akhilesh says I forgot to tell this to Mansi, is she snoozing. Manish says you must tell her, she changed into with Puru in her early life. Kartik says don’t understand where is he. Naira says you appearance so glad, now even I m excited to fulfill you. Manish says I messaged him. Surekha says maybe he wants to surprise Dadi. Puru involves Goenka villa. Naira says i’m able to move and see meals arrangements. Puru shouts Babli didi. Kartik says Puru mama and runs to hug him. He says you came late. Puru says you are looking so handsome and sweet, hug me over again. He hugs Kartik. He greets Dadi and jokes. Dadi says you are similar to Lav and Kush, i can just look in video name, i’m able to’t difficult you. He says sure and hugs her. He hugs Akhilesh, Manish and Samarth.

Kartik asks Ila Bua how is he. Ila says I m younger than me, call me Ila. He says you are elder in members of the family. Dadi says you promised me, you gained’t tease Ila. Kartik says sorry. Ila asks in which is your wife, did you make her busy in kitchen work. Puru says sure, wherein is she. Kartik says she turned into anticipating you, appearance there, here she comes. Puru stares at Naira. Ila hugs her. Kartik says she is Ila Bua, Puru’s daughter and that’s Puru mama. Puru collides with vase and breaks. He says sorry, I goofed up. Naira says its k, be cautious, you may get harm. She gives him a bouquet and touches his toes. He holds her and blesses. She steps again. Kartik signs what. Puru says your spouse could be very pretty, but she touched my toes and made me antique. Kartik says its pleasant, you can hug like youngsters and meet. Puru opens arms for her. She hugs and gets away. Puru says she is simply quite, you are handsome and really fortunate. Kartik says sure, I m. They giggle. Puru stares at Naira and smiles.

Puru asks Naira to enroll in them. He says you ran far from domestic many years in the past, right. each person appears on. Kartik says we can speak something else. Puru says I m inspired, one needs guts to do some thing like that, I understand that type of feeling, due to the fact even I ran far from domestic, both people are doing excellent, we’re dwelling existence on our very own phrases, I m pleased with you. Kartik says Puru has a specific questioning. Ila says dad has continually supported me, I m a a success businesswoman. Kartik says you remember how Puru helped ladies, i used to be very inspired and thought to grow to be like him after I grow up. Mansi comes there and receives bowled over seeing Puru. She receives returned. anybody asks Mansi to look who has come, their fav Puru. Kartik asks what occurred, say some thing. Puru stares at her and says you have grown up. He hugs her and says you even were given married, you didn’t invite me, did you forget me. Mansi coughs. Surekha says maybe she slept in AC. Akhilesh says AC in her room isn’t operating. Mansi says I had some icecream last night time, so I caught a cough. Naira thinks Mansi didn’t have any icecream, then why did she lie.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode update: Puru says Ila is running on her dream challenge, she will be able to’t do everything by myself, i used to be wondering if Naira ought to join her.


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