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YRKKH 2 Aug episode begins with Naira goes to the temple for the sake of Kairav. Dua demands Goenka’s family has come to worship for Vedika-Kartik in the same temple

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, you will see that Kairav ​​is ill. Her surgery is about to happen. Naira goes to the temple for the sake of Kairav. Dua demands In the same temple, Goenka’s family has come to worship for Vedika-Kartik. Karthik stands next to the temple with his entire family and behind the Naira.

He asks God to have Kairav’s surgery right. It will be completely cured. He also invites vows. Karthik also talks about fulfilling vows.

On the other hand, Naira restricts Aditya. Naira is afraid. She goes from there. In the forthcoming show, see that Aditya ran away to Kartik. Will Aditya tell the truth about Naira’s being alive?

Kartik-Naira is going to be one, this man from Kairav’s mother opened the pole

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Star Plus show & what is the relationship is seeing the highball drama right now. There is good news for the fans who are waiting for the meeting of Naira-Kartik. The track that is being played on these days is being shown that Naira-Kartik is going to be one soon. The show is being shown these days that Kairav’s health is poor. Pooja goes to the Naira temple for the good health of his son. Kaira, also with Naira in Anjana, also gives Kartik in this ritual.

Today will be shown in the show that Nayrah goes to the temple to pray for Kairav. Where Goenka family comes to worship for Vedika-Kartik. Karthik is standing ahead in the temple with his family, while the Naira is behind. For Kalwa, Nairera offers Kalash and Coin in the temple. On which the grandmother’s eye is seen. The grandmother says that this coin is offered in the temple when the health of someone’s son is worse. In such a case, the grandmother says that the child whose health is poor, he will recover quickly.

The churna kept in the grandmother’s thali flows because of the wind. Grandma gets disturbed by flying Chunari. On whom Karthik says that there is no need to be a specialty, he comes with a chunari. On the other hand, the Naira restricts Aditya from behind. Naira is afraid of seeing Aditya and goes away from there.

Now the show will be shown tomorrow that Aditya will come to Bhagak Kartik and tell him the truth about the existence of Naira. After that, Vedika wash hands with her Mehndi. Fans are excited to see Kartik-Naira meet in the upcoming episode.

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