Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Dadi announcing I got satisfied considering that kid. The goon says come quickly and rob the area, we simply have 5mins, we can run together. He goes to match the fake bomb inner. He maintains the bomb. He shouts there’s a bomb right here. each person starts going for walks. Naira shouts Kairav. Kartik asks Vedika to go out, ask driver to get the automobile, i can get Dadi. Liza’s hair get stuck at a few stall. Kairav goes. She shouts Kairav. the man robs the coins. Naira runs to discover Kairav. She shouts. lights fall over her. Kartik runs and holds the lights stand. Naira goes. Vedika says Dadi, Kartik is nowhere. Dadi cries. Naira runs to locate Kairav. Kartik steps returned. A nail is ready to hurt him. Naira sees a female crying. She removes the wood platform and saves her. She keeps the platform over the other facet. Kartik falls back on the platform, as an alternative the nail. Naira falls down. She gets stunned seeing Kartik inside the reflect portions. Tere mere baatein…plays…

She cries and turns to see him. He is going. She seems around and says Kartik, he changed into Kartik, i’ve visible Kartik, why did he come right here, maybe i was imagining. She sees him again and cries. She remembers Kairav’s phrases and cries. She runs to Kartik and remembers Liza’s words. She thinks of Kartik and her moments. hearth brigade officer asks her to come with them. They evacuate the region. Naira goes. Father says fire man uncle will deliver all of us out accurately, accept as true with God. Kairav waits. Liza says don’t cry, not anything will manifest for your mum. Kairav cries. Dadi says we are able to pass inside and spot. Kartik comes and says i was so scared for you. Dadi says two best men and women got me out and then I met Vedika here, I m fine. Vedika says I m also exceptional. Naira comes and hugs Kairav.

She asks are you excellent, are you harm. He says I m nice and hugs. He asks are you nice. She recalls Kartik. Liza asks we could cross domestic. He says sure, I m very hungry, even dad will come. Naira leaves with him. Kartik, Dadi and Vedika come to the resort. Vedika says we organized so much for the exhibition and this occurred. Dadi says leave the goods, lives are imp. Kartik says we will find the money for this, however individuals who got here there to earn money could incur big loss. Dadi says we will move again today. Vedika says organizers messaged that exhibition is cancelled, we will leave. Kartik says i will check flight bookings, you’re taking rest. He thinks to finish his imp paintings. He messages Naira.

Naira sits below the bathe and cries deliberating Kartik. She asks why…. you get him near after which take him a ways, and once more you get him in front, why I spent many years without him, I needed to run and hug him, I couldn’t, I pass over you a lot. Kartik receives up and thinks. He says shall i go and meet Kairav’s mum. Vedika gets tea for him. She asks why are you involved. He says thank you, nothing. She says lie has no vicinity in friendship. He says you will discover it atypical. She says i can determine that, tell me. He says i used to be scared for that day and came to Goa without delay. She says you didn’t come for me, but for that kid, its fine, his want is larger than my want. He says even then its unusual connection.

She says it takes place, I additionally were given connected to you, relax. He says I feel guilty, i’m able to’t maintain friendship with this guilt. She says sorry, I received’t say again, so we’re withdrawing at night. He nods. She says then go and meet that child’s mom, she could be relieved that her son isn’t assembly a incorrect man. He says she is upset with me, I didn’t solution her call. She says consider her, her son has run faraway from the residence, she would be panicking. She goes. He says its proper, i can meet her and pass. Naira hears Kartik’s voice… He asks how are you going to do a mistake in identifying me, why are you running away, why are you restless for me in case you didn’t meet me. She cries. He says I m right here in Goa, how can you run faraway from me. She prays to find a few manner.

Precap: Liza asks Kairav to complete the milk. He says I want to meet dad. Kartik says we’ve got a few relation from beyond birth. Naira says why did you return here Kartik. Kartik says I regret to stop this beautiful bond.


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