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YRKKH 2 Oct episode begins with A tremendous twist in the show, what will end Karthik-Naira’s relationship today in Yeh Rishta It will be shown that Karthik and Naira argue with each other about the custody of son Kairava. Naira folds hands with Karthik and begs Kairava to stay with him but Karthik does not listen to Naira’s one and tells him that he will not take his son away from himself.

Since the return of Naira to Karthik’s life in the TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the show has been getting a lot of turn and twist. In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta, Karthik and Naira argue with each other about Kairava’s custody. Karthik tells Naira that who gets Caird’s custody will now be decided in the court.

Nayera refuses to go to court with Kartik’s hand on this matter, on which Kartik tells Naira that you write to me on a paper and give me that you will not take my son Kairava away from me. Naira begs Karthik not to take Kairava away from him and let him stay with her. Naira tells Karthik that he can meet Kairava whenever he wants, whenever he wants, he can call her but please allow him to stay with him. Karthik does not even listen to Naira and tells him that he will not distance his son Kairava from himself.

Explain that earlier on the show, Karthik was saddened to see the divorce papers and sent another set of papers to Naira. However, Karthik feels that Naira wants to get son Kairava away from him. Karthik and Nair are unaware of Vedika’s intentions. Vedika is currently trying to get Naira away from Karthik’s life by playing an emotional card on the show. Now it has to be seen whether Vedika can succeed in her plan.

Will Vedika also disturb Karthik? There is speculation that Karthik will not give Vedika time after Kairava comes home and that Kairav ​​will remind Karthik of Naira again and again, which will make Vedika sad. Fed up with all this, Vedika may decide to part with Karthik.

Karthik said to Naira – My marriage is my problem, I will deal with it myself. This relationship is being shown that Naira begs Karthik with folded hands about Kairava’s custody. Naira explains to Karthik that whether or not the Kayarav stays with you or not, you will always have the right and I also want to leave here because of your marriage. On which Karthik tells Naira that my marriage is my problem, how to deal with it, I will see that you do not have to worry about it.

Kartik takes a stay from court regarding Kairava’s custody Kartik tells Naira that he has signed on the divorce paper and has also taken a stay from the court on the notice of Kairava’s custody. Can not Karthik gives Custody’s paper and stay order to Naira, stating that Naira cannot take Kayarav till the case is over.

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