Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 2 Sep episode begins with Kairav ​​flees home knowing the truth of Karthik-Naira Kairava was feeling sleepy and Naira goes upstairs with him, but Karthik gets nervous but realizes that Naira has taken up Kairava. Then Naksh comes and he says that he has come to take Naira and Naksh.

Karthik goes upstairs to pick Naira and he gets upset thinking about Naira, he feels very sad that Naira has returned after her marriage. Karthik sneaks into the room and smiles upon seeing Naira-Kairava’s mother-in-law, remembering old memories. Then Naira wakes up and Karthik tells her that Naksh has come to pick her up.

Dadi is upset that Naira will leave with her cowardice. On the other hand, elder grandmother and Devyani are also waiting for Kairav ​​and Naira. Karthik gets angry with Naira and says that you want to take my son from here? He says that you have called your brother to take my son from here? Naira says that this decision will be for someone else?

Naira refuses to go from there, saying that Kairava is getting the happiness of the world here, that is what all the householders are and that Kairava will recover soon. But Naira says that it will be decided by Vedika.

Naira pleads with Vedika folding her hands to allow me to stay here with Kairava. But Vedika says that he should not put her in this religious dilemma.

Well Vedika agrees and brings breakfast for Naira the next day. Naira thinks how will I handle all this every day? Naira eats bread pakora on Karthik’s hand and becomes emotional.

Tomorrow’s episode will show that the descent from Kairava reveals that Karthik and Naira are not married couples, lie is a couple of hoots, that Kairava gets upset by this and then disappears, making Kartik and Naira upset. Stay tuned with Tellyupdates.Me

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