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The Episode begins with Vansh asking is he in reality your son. Kartik says I m now not his dad, don’t tell him, he doesn’t have a dad, he misses him. Vansh sees Samarth. He says ok promise, I won’t say. Liza says please come. Kairav says you would possibly have got indignant on mum, you have got to say sorry then she can come. Vedika comes and says I also suppose so, I m Vedika, your dad’s buddy, so your friend also. Vansh thinks its k, Kairav doesn’t have his dad, we need to act exceptional. Kairav hugs Kartik and says I won’t move, ask mum to come right here, we can stay here. Vedika signs Kartik. Kartik says first-rate and hugs him. He asks Liza to skip message to Kairav’s mum. Liza messages Naira. Naira reads.. Kartik is saying he gained’t send Kairav until you return, you haven’t any way now, please come, Lord determined to make you and Kartik meet, come. Vedika feeds jelly sandwich to Kairav and talks to him. Dadi asks Vedika to head and get prepared, visitors may be coming for the engagement. Kairav asks what’s that. Vedika says circle of relatives participants consume collectively, sing and dance. Kairav says like Sawan milni, I should see it. Dadi asks Vedika to get equipped. Vedika is going.

Kartik asks Kairav to take small bites. Vansh says I also need to eat food, I m additionally hungry. Gayu says its time on your milkshake. Kartik says its ok. Kairav says he is my dad. Vansh says he is my bro. Kairav asks who’s Vansh to me. Kartik says he’s your bro too. anyone smiles. Kartik thinks why isn’t his mum coming, don’t know what problem she has. Naira shouts on Lord. Manish says we don’t recognize his mum. Gayu says sure, she didn’t know that Kairav came with Vansh. Dadi says even you didn’t know that Vansh were given him right here. Samarth says she can record a case on us. Dadi says sure. Suwarna says no, Kairav is innocent and lovely, think proper, examine them, they appearance real father and son, see Kartik’s happiness. Dadi says he’s cute. Kairav says dad told me you aren’t toddler thief, come and have food, mum says its a laugh when every person dines together. He asks for kachoris. He says i like kachoris, mum makes excellent kachoris. Bhabhimaa and Naksh look on. Kairav makes a smiley on kachori and feeds Kartik. Suwarna says he reminded us of Naira. Dadi says yes, I additionally omit her. Liza smiles. Kairav feeds the kachori to all and sundry. Yeh rishta….plays….

Kartik hugs Kairav. Liza says Naira isn’t know-how, the destiny is knocking the door. She calls Naira and asks her to come and close this bankruptcy. Naira says no, go to Kartik and tell him, make certain Kairav isn’t around. Liza says how shall I say this kind of huge lie, what if Kairav hears this. Vedika receives ready. She sees dad’s p.c and says you always took proper selections for me, you took right decision for me at the same time as you left, Kartik is honestly first-rate, he’ll deal with me, he isn’t geared up to shape a new relation, however he will get regular, i can try my excellent to reduce the sorrow via my love, on my unique day, I promise you that i can never go away Kartik as soon as he holds my hand. She cries and says no one can separate us. Kairav comes and says sorry I didn’t knock, I have to go to washroom, there’s a lot hassle. She laughs and says that way.

Kartik comes and asks may additionally I are available in, did Kairav come right here. She says yes, he went there, you got attached to him. He says sure, that’s a trouble. She says you’re his fake dad or actual dad, you both communicate the identical manner. Kairav comes and thanks Vedika. He sees her and says you look so beautiful, haye…. Kartik recalls seeing Naira and complimenting the same way. Vedika thanks him for making her day. Kairav says you are global’s 2nd stunning girl, my mum is most pretty, right dad. Vedika corrects him to take her call right. Kartik closes his eyes and thinks of Naira. He says she may be very stunning, none can be like her, she is the exceptional. Kairav says my dad is also the pleasant. He hugs Kartik and says their jodi is also first-class, there is no couple than my parents.

Liza comes. Kartik asks so when is Kairav’s mum coming. She says I need to talk to you. Vedika asks Kairav about his faculty. Liza says Kairav’s mum met with an twist of fate. Kartik asks what, how is she, shall I include you. She says no, she goes returned to the motel, she isn’t plenty harm, she called us to the motel, she said she will meet you some other day, don’t prevent Kairav, convince him to head, I m sure he received’t refuse to you.

Naira sees the servants coming and turns away. She says don’t know Kartik will ship him or no longer. Kartik asks Kairav to move. Kairav says I received’t move, why isn’t mum coming right here, you come with me. Kartik says she is busy, ok, you go, i can come once you, I promise. Kairav says ensure you come back, else i will run again and come here. Dadi gives a silver coin to Kairav. She says you’re paying me so that I don’t bitch to the police. Dadi hugs him. every person smiles. Vansh thinks Dadi by no means loves me like this, all and sundry is acting. Dadi says continually keep this coin with you, it will shield you, you are much like Kartik.

Kairav says kids and pop are identical, you are so stupid. He goes to temple and prays. He says make mom and dad finish their work quickly and get them engaged with the circle of relatives. He gets the pink thread in his arms. Liza asks Kartik to stay returned, they will manipulate. Kairav says permit him come. Dadi asks Kartik no longer to step out of the house. Kairav says what’s this, mum can’t come here, dad can’t go there, did parents have any combat. Liza says no, they are busy, we can go to mum and persuade her, we will bring new clothes for the birthday celebration. Kairav is going. Kartik receives sad.

Precap: Naira says i have to speak to Dr. Pallavi. Pallavi says I recognize what you are going via however i will’t hold you in darkness, Kairav may be very sick.


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