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The Episode begins with Naira announcing song and dance are high-quality stress buster. She dances with Kartik and hugs. Its morning. Manish asks Naira did she communicate to Leela approximately getting toddler out. She says yes. He says she is a nice female. She says I felt terrible, I did incorrect. He says not anything to strain approximately, how is Kartik. She says he’s fine, but not an awful lot. He says I think he’s emotional approximately Kirti. She says yes, once she gets high-quality, the entirety might be fine, can we take a seat, I m tired. He says infants look non violent once they sleep. She says yes, lifestyles changes after they arrive in our lives. He says i can alternate it, inform me what to do. She says we will attempt tongue tornado. they are attempting and snicker. infant smiles. Manish says he is smiling as though we are unique him.

Dadi calls him and says come back with

Naira and toddler. He asks is everything nice. She says come domestic after which i’m able to tell you. they come home. Manish asks is the whole lot first-rate. She takes infant and says I desired to look the child. He says i used to be scared. She says get recurring to this now. Naira smiles and asks Kartik is he now not ready. He asks why. She says we must visit medical institution for observe up. He says sorry I forgot. She says we are able to meet Kirti there. He nods. Kartik stops nurse and says Kirti’s child became born on due date, my toddler became premature, what if doctor asks and knows it. She says no, its Naira’s check up today, i’m able to go at the time of child’s take a look at up. He asks her to handle it. She says positive. He thanks her. She says madam has refused for advance, you could pay me my prices without asking. He asks prices?
She says i have helped you at hospital and domestic, I lied, I stored you and labored so difficult, I deserve some charges, right. He gets shocked and says I notion you have been assisting me. She says I m supporting you and inquiring for your help. He says okay, i can set up it, provide me some time. She says ok, however I don’t have lots time. She is going. He says what’s assure that she gained’t inform all people. He says I didn’t sit down returned in peace until each infants… simply determine and do whatever you want, provide me a few courage to tell the fact else i’m able to deal it my way, just defend Naira and Kirti, I request you.

Naira sees Naksh with child and says observe Naksh’s smile and happiness, Lord didn’t do proper with Naksh and Kirti. Naksh asks did you meet Kirti. Naira says no, I didn’t cross there. Naksh says physician stated she is improving, this infant is fortunate for us, perhaps she can be discharged soon, the restoration costs are right at domestic. Naira says she can be quickly out of coma. Kartik says yes, of course. He prays that everybody remains happy. medical doctor meets Naira and says your progress is ideal. Naira says thank you, happiness makes me live excellent, my infant is operating like a remedy for me, it will likely be the equal. Kartik hears her. He sees his internal self, who asks him to take the child to Kirti and supply it to her. Kartik says i can deal with the whole lot, you just go. He gets a vase and throws. His imagination breaks. Bhabhimaa continues matters from Kirti’s bag. She asks Devyaani to test if paper is imp. Devyaani says those are names for the toddler. They cry and suppose what has happened. Devyaani says when Naira’s toddler Naamkaran occurs, we are able to deliver this list to her, its Bua’s proper to name child. Bhabhimaa says Lord please make a miracle take place that Kirti receives fine to call the child.

Naira asks Kartik to make baby name lists speedy, Dadi said Naamkaran will show up quickly, alphabets can be just for kundli, we will have masses of nicknames, why. He says due to the fact you didn’t had any nickname. She says yes. He attempts. She says you couldn’t write any name, if we had a daughter, we might have named her Kaira, becoming a member of Kartik and Naira, its Bua’s work, if Kirti became satisfactory, she could have named the child, I want some miracle happens, Naitik got up on Naksh’s birthday, bhabhimaa instructed this to me, why don’t we carry Kirti home, perhaps some miracle happens, we all will attempt, our voice will reach Kirti, perhaps she gets a new existence at the day of infant’s Naamkaran. He says sure. She says we could desire for the quality. Kirti moves her toers.

everyone praises the decorations performed by way of children and clap. Lav says we are able to placed the name here while call is chosen. Kartik holds Kirti’s hand and asks her to get conscious soon. He says i’m able to express regret to you and convince you, please awaken now, I want you, arise and manage the entirety, wake up for me and your baby. He seems at her and says did her toe honestly circulate or did I believe this.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2019 Written Update Precap: Naira says child’s vaccination is due today. Nurse says the injection is not for this toddler, get me the ones papers, i can cope with the check. Kartik nods. Naira says Leela…..

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update

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