Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Puru asking Naira to smile and not get tensed, she doesn’t recognise him nicely, like all people does, so its herbal for her to suppose so. She goes. Mansi appears on. every person takes the idols outdoor. Samarth holds Gayu’s idol clay. Gayu thanks him. Naira comes to her. She asks what are you doing, you ought to take care in first trimester. Gayu says I do apprehend, but I m always scared, what is going to I do if every person doubts, Rama can are aware of it, i’m able to’t lie and can’t inform the fact. Kartik asks what can’t you tell Gayu, what occurred, look at you, as if I stuck you committing a murder, tell me. Naira asks why, are you special, don’t inform all of us Gayu. He says you could supply me hint. Gayu is going. Naira says sorry Kartik. He says uncle has forgiven you, why are you sorry, its okay. She asks are you indignant on me. He says no, uncle is not handiest near me, however the entire family, if he is hurt, all of us will get hurt. She says this won’t occur again, I promise. He says make your temper higher now. She smiles. Puru appears on. he is taking her beneath the table.

They romance and feature a nok-jhok. He says i have work, allow me move. She says i can provide you with a wonder nowadays. He says sorry and goes. Naira arranges a surprise for Kartik. She applies Kartik’s fav perfume. She turns and receives greatly surprised seeing Puru. He says sorry to disturb, I concept to return here to you, I wasn’t getting sleep, all people became busy, I assume you are busy, i will cross, by means of the manner, lovely fragrance, are you seeking to go out somewhere in a party, you appearance even greater beautiful than common. She says no. He says loosen up, precise night time. He is going. She sees Kartik. He asks what happened, you got scared. She says no, i used to be contemplating something else. He sees the decorated room. He involves her and asks do you propose to kill me tonight. Piya baawre…..performs. They get close and romance. She dons a ghunghat and sleeps. He smiles. He falls asleep. She waits and then turns to look. She smiles seeing him, and recalls their wedding night. He acts and receives up. They snort. He says i used to be so stupid to sleep on our first night time, I m not so stupid now, you get stored from me now. He gets close.

Its morning, anyone takes the idols to the ghat. Dadi says we will have singing, dancing and do puja. Ila says dad will take our images. Puru says Ila loves me plenty, when there are lovely women around, pics will come desirable, i can get the camera. Kartik sees Gayu and goes to Naira.

He asks Naira can’t you look after Gayu, she has stored a quick, she must keep away from this in being pregnant. Naira receives greatly surprised. He says I recognise the entirety. She asks how. He remembers seeing Gayu. He says i have found you in this country, you used to be cautious, I noticed Gayu in same nation and understood it. She says clearly sorry. He says no need to mention sorry, I m sure Gayu stopped you from telling me. She says Gayu may be very involved, she is afraid that a person will find out, as soon as she receives married, there gained’t be any difficulty. He says we need to inform one elder, if something is going incorrect with Gayu, elders gained’t understand about it, you need to persuade Gayu to inform this to Raman, she needs help. Naira says excellent, i’m able to communicate to Gayu once function is over. every body poses for snap shots. Puru asks Mansi to join. She says I don’t want to. Ila asks how are you speaking to my dad.

Mansi says nothing. Ila says dad is pronouncing with love. Mansi says sorry, I don’t need to hurt all people. Ila says you’re preserving distance with us, tell us what’s the hassle. Mansi says there’s no problem, go away me alone. Dadi says a person provide an explanation for her. Naira says i can talk to her. Kartik says I m sorry on her behalf. Puru says don’t do this, like you’re my fav, she is likewise my fav. Naira thinks of Mansi and goes to her. She asks is there any count number. Mansi says not anything. Naira says you may proportion it with me. Mansi says there may be not anything, I m quality. all of us sings and dances. The couples do the Gangaur puja. Mann ye chahe…..plays… Puru is going and touches Naira’s waist. Naira gets away. Mansi seems on. Puru takes Naira’s pictures.

Precap: Naira asks how are you my would be Jija ji. She gets taken aback and drops the telephone. Kartik and Naira rush a person to the health facility.


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