Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 4 Dec episode begins with Naira hugs Vedika, despite all the difficulties, in one of today’s episodes of Karthik-Naira, Vedika takes a big step and says that I am trying to fix the things that went wrong, Kartik and Naira to anyone Should not fall between After this Vedika.

Today’s episode will show that Kairava and Vansh will be making noise in the house after which all the family members including Naira and Vedika become Ikta. After which Manish asks them what happened. Vansh says that he and Kairava participated in a competition and have a last date tomorrow. Kairao says that Naira can help him in this competition. At the same time, Vanshika says that Vedika also makes good art and you guys can make it together.

Kairava says that three people cannot make it, if three people make it, the work will be spoiled. Only mom and dad together will be able to build a good home. Karthik then sees Naira and the two of them together model the house. Naira gets hurt while working. Karthik cares for him and tells him that our son is smarter than us.

One takes breath and the other fills a sigh of hate! From this day you will be able to see the story of poisonous game of serpents. “One takes breath and the other heals a sigh of hate! From this day you will see the stories of poisonous game of serpents.

Karthik tries to show his love towards Naira. After which Naira asks him to leave my hand. Karthik asks him what should I do, in fact, Naira’s hair sticks to her coat. Seeing whom Kairava and Dynasty laugh and Kairava asks Naira how will you go now.

At the same time, Vedika says that I am trying to correct what went wrong, no one should come between Karthik and Naira, I am trying to correct this mistake. Karthik told me that no one can replace Naira in his life. Naira left her place for me and divorced Karthik for my sake.

Vedika says that I cannot commit the sin of coming between two lovers and she wants to rectify her mistakes and unite Karthik-Naira. While there, Naira overhears this and hugs Vedika, crying. After which Vedika unites the two by giving Karthik’s hand to Naira.


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