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YRKKH 4 Oct episode begins with Now Kairava will be the strong link between Karthik-Naira, will keep watching Sautan Vedika Kairava will seduce Papa Karthik with his sweet sweet words, which will show the lost laughter in Karthik’s face, see how Kairava will give positive energy to his father. So know what is going to happen in Dandiya Special

In the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, a tremendous twist has emerged. Karthik (Kartik) Naira’s steps have turned towards the court. What did Nayra file for divorce, Karthik also sent a court notice to take Kairava’s custody. In such a situation, Naira is completely broken. All this idea was from Vedika that was given to Naira. Bholi Bhali Naira too quickly accepted this idea and is now suffering. Karthik is getting pale red with anger.

So there is Vedika that she is not leaving a chance to get close to Karthik. She is constantly trying to get close to Karthik. But Karthik is not only giving grass to Vedika. In such a situation, Vedika is going to be seen. Yes, in the upcoming show, Vedika will be seen asking a lot of questions to herself, did I do it right? Isn’t Karthik thinking about me? Naira and Karthik seem to have a relationship in every mood, but there is no relationship with me.

Vedika will ask herself such questions and will be seen falling in thought. Here Kairava will be enticing Papa Karthik with his sweet words, so that the lost laughter of Karthik’s face will be seen coming back, see how Kairava will be giving positive energy to his father. So know what is going to happen in Dandiya Special

Will Vedika’s truth come in front of Karthik? Vedika will now be seen trapped in her web. To Naira, he had given the decoration of Divorce. He also said that he did not tell anyone that he said this. Now what will happen when the truth comes in front of Karthik. This will be known in the coming episodes.

Karthik Naira will be one again, the twist is coming in the story. When these lawyers clash with each other, Naira and Karthik will be held opposite. Then Naira and Karthik will feel the worst for each other. In such a situation, the love between the two will arise! Only time will tell.

Entry of two big lawyers in the story. Karthik looks quite emotional in the show. So Naira is also getting very emotional there. Where Karthik tells his father to bring him the biggest and best Loire in the city. Here Naya also says that she cannot take away her child. Naira calls her brother to bring him the best lawyer. Now in this case there will be entry of two big lawyers in the story.

The rest of the show is still a lot of drama and big twist fans are constantly unhappy to see Vedika on the show. Kaira fans want Karthik and Naira to reunite. However, much drama is yet to be shown in the show.

In whose part Kairava will bring luck to Karthik and Naira to a new turning point. Once again Nairakartik is standing outside the court door. In whose part Karthik and Naira are eager to know the fans of the show Kairav.

Vedika failed to break the relationship of Karthik Naira. It is certain that Karthik Naira will be seen coming closer again in the coming days. But Vedika seems to be making every effort to break this relationship. In which she could not succeed.

Vedika’s problems increased ..: Yes, Karthik-Naira’s bond is so strong that Vedika’s problems are constantly increasing.

Karthik-Naira will be able to get the coward of this Navratri. Will a mistake of Naira take her away? Kargi will separate from Kairava .. Angry Vedika decides to kill herself. But then Naira saves him. Now Vedika’s woe is unable to see Naira and promises her that she will soon get away from their world with Kairava. In such a situation, Vedika suggests a solution to Naira that she should divorce Karthik. Naira also does this work. A court notice is sent to Karthik which contains a divorce.

Why is it all, this was the reason. Vedika and Naira are unable to understand how to react in this situation. When Karthik goes to Naira’s maternal house in the middle of the night to meet Kairava, Vedika doesn’t like this and gets angry.

Naira saved Vedika’s life. In the previous episode, it was shown that Vedika takes this to heart and takes a big step. Vedika walks up the hill to commit suicide. In such a situation, Naira runs after her to save Vedika and saves her from falling down the hill.

Vedika was in shock. Every episode of the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is becoming entertaining day by day. In the last episode, Karthik had said on Vedika’s mouth that ‘Whoever wants to live in my life, who has to go’. Vedika was surprised to hear this and was shocked.

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