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The Episode starts with anyone thinking how to inform the fact to Gayu. Puru says however we ought to provide her the information. Kartik and Naira come domestic. He says Rama is fine, she got conscious, Akhilesh, Samarth and Anmol are there. Manish says Gayu changed into inquiring for her telephone, she will be able to locate Vivaan, its better you tell her. Kartik and Naira pass upstairs. Gayu is drowsing. She dreams Vivaan telling her that he loves her, she needs to be strong, promise. Gayu asks why are you saying such. He gets away. She wakes up and remains tensed. Naira asks are you fine. Gayu asks did Vivaan come, maybe it turned into a dream, I slept for some time, i was tired, i’ve seen Vivaan in my dream, he turned into telling me now not to lose braveness, its atypical, maybe considering we didn’t communicate all day. She says Naira, you’ve got my telephone, give me my phone, i can talk to her. Naira hugs her and cries.

Gayu asks what took place, Kartik did you fight along with her. Kartik asks what did Vivaan tell you, that you have to take care and not lose courage. Gayu asks but what happened, inform me. Gayu shouts Vivaan…. all and sundry hears her and cries. Kartik comes downstairs.

Naira remains disenchanted. Kartik asks what are you thinking. She says don’t realize how is Gayu. He says something came about along with her is inaccurate. She says Rama isn’t listening. He says I won’t allow her force Gayu. She says yes, i will no longer let her do this with Gayu, I recognize the ache of losing baby. He says we both recognize this, we will now not allow this abortion appear. Puru says i love your positive mind-set, this enables us in doing something excellent, never give up, each time there is a problem in the front of you, you then be together and face it. every body comes for having lunch. Manish asks Kartik to paintings, it’ll be a loss if he doesn’t see the venture. Puru says provide him some time, don’t burden Kartik with favors, each person is succesful right here, we all understand that. He hugs Kartik. Dadi smiles. Kartik says I heard memories the way you helped dad and Dadi in building Goenka industries, thanks, you didn’t change in these kinds of years. Puru says I m so pleased with you. Ila says the work isn’t pressing. Puru says excellent, Kartik Naira move and meet Gayu. Samarth says i will drop you. Kartik says we can control. They go away. Samarth says I want to speak to you all about Gayu, please think from heart, now not thoughts.

Kartik and Naira see Rama outside Gayu’s room. Kartik says don’t do this. Naira says Gayu can’t bear the ache of dropping toddler. Rama says you think I don’t want Gayu’s happiness, her destiny is imp, I m concerned for her, she method the entirety to me.

Naira says if Gayu’s happiness is there in keeping the infant… Rama says this infant will create issues for her, society will punish Gayu for her mistake, we are able to store her. Naira says depart the society, what Gayu thinks is imp. Rama says stop it Naira. Kartik says this decision will simply be of Naira. Naira says yes, infant is of Gayu and selection ought to be of her. Rama says quality, you both must promise me, none ought to realize about our communique. They nod and see Gayu drowsing within the room. Devyaani says Gayu’s country is bad. Rama says I know, how shall I manage her. Naksh says her wound is deep, our talks won’t assist her. Dadi, Samarth, Manish, Akhilesh and Surekha come. They greet anybody. Kartik says we might have come together if you said. Manish says we didn’t are aware of it both, Samarth… mum will you inform them. Dadi says Samarth wanted to tell you after which despatched you to satisfy Gayu, seeing Naira restless, then he informed us. Devyaani asks did we do any mistake. Surekha asks Manish to say. Manish says Samarth is our brother, he’s a practical and hardworking man, he is properly-to-do, any family would want to fix an alliance with him, but he wants to marry Gayu. They get taken aback.

Samarth says yes, whatever Manish instructed is genuine, i have come to invite for Gayu’s hand, I m no longer going a choose on everybody, i like Gayu considering the fact that long, I couldn’t inform her, I had acknowledged that there is someone in her life, don’t assume I m taking advantage of this example, I were given a suggestion in unhappy time, I could have waited however I didn’t need more delay, its your wish, I promise i can keep Gayu glad. Dadi says I felt if Rama takes Gayu again, we can not have the ability to speak. Akhilesh says it could look bizarre however… Manish says its desirable for each Samarth and Gayu.

Samarth says don’t assume that this idea is from Naira’s Sasural or that Gayu gained’t get some other concept. Naira says Gayu…. they all see Gayu. Gayu runs to her room. Devyaani says I don’t know what is going to she suppose. Rama asks what happened Gayu, what did you pay attention, why did you run, tell me. Gayu says Naira you heard it right, how can all people say so, i really like Vivaan, I desired to marry him, but he left me forever, its been days and those human beings…..i can’t marry everyone else, how can everybody suppose this. She cries. Naira hugs her. She says you received’t get married in case you don’t want to, it will manifest what you need, we are with you, Kartik and i are usually there in your choice, nothing is imp than your happiness, inform me, its your life, what do you need.

Gayu says I don’t recognize something. Rama says thank God, someone got a proposal, no one would have talked to us, just say yes. Naira says what are you announcing, don’t force Gayu for marriage or abortion. She asks Gayu to reflect onconsideration on her lifestyles. Rama says its a trouble if child comes out of wedlock is a hassle, there is handiest one manner, abortion. Kartik says we had decided, we received’t pressurize Gayu, she can determine it, we will inform Samarth that Gayu is pregnant. They see Samarth at the door. Samarth says I recognize that Kartik. He remembers listening to Naira telling this to Rama. He says I m no longer inclined to marry Gayu out of pity, I don’t have any trouble with the toddler, i would give plenty like to baby, as Vivaan would have given. He asks Gayu to think about her happiness and determine, now not about the society. He says I assure, you and your infant can be happy.

Precap: Naira says we shouldn’t keep everybody in darkish. Kartik says we must inform fact to Dadi. Dadi asks what’s it.


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