Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kartik taking into consideration Aditya’s words, Naira, Kairav… He says is she nevertheless alive. Naira attempts to get a taxi. She says what’s happening, i have by no means met every person before and nowadays they all together, Aditya has visible me, if Kartik believes him then…. Aditya sees her. He statistics a video. She turns. He hides. She says why do I sense a person is following me, I must be cautious, is it Aditya. Aditya says you need to consider me Kartik. Vansh sees anyone busy. He asks what’s going on here. The servant says there’s mehendi feature. Gayu appears on and prays that Vansh gets a good role in Goenka own family as Samarth promised her. She says I have no trouble with Vedika, I m afraid that Kartik gained’t love Vansh the same way, he loves Vansh sincerely. Vansh asks Kartik to play. Vedika asks Kartik to decide the designs. Kartik says sorry. Vansh gets upset. Gayu seems on.

Samarth says Dadi is traumatic for little matters. Manish says she feels scared while she finds the issues. He asks Dadi now not to fear. Dadi says it ought to be the fine, I received’t spare every body. Aditya sees Naira leaving inside the taxi. He smiles whilst her face gets captured inside the video. driving force sees him and asks why are you taking movies of a lady, how dare you, prevent. Aditya runs. Naira shouts Aditya and runs after him. She says please stop, don’t do that. Vedika prays. She sees Kartik and thinks i really like you Kartik, this day has in the end are available in my life. Surekha comes and hugs her. She says Akhilesh desired to stay with Lav and Kush, they’re lots attached to Naira. Suwarna asks Vedika to get ready. She sees Kartik praying and goes. Kartik says for the first time today, I didn’t sense Aditya is lying, how can this be genuine, I m much concerned, inform me the reality. Naira hits a stone at Aditya. Aditya falls down. His smartphone falls away. Naira runs to select telephone. Aditya takes telephone and runs. She collides with a female and says sorry. female says choose my things and supply me. Naira says sorry, I must pass. She runs. Aditya leaves in his automobile. She takes an car and follows his vehicle.

Kartik recalls Aditya’s phrases and shuts his ears. Naira asks driver to pressure fast. She asks Aditya no longer to do that and concentrate to her as soon as. Bhabhimaa applies mehendi to Vedika. Mehendi hai rachne wali….performs…. Surekha and Gayu dance. Naksh and Vansh also dance. Naira says Aditya concentrate to me, please, don’t do this. Aditya drives off while the signal is going green. Kartik gets restless. Naira takes quick cut. Aditya says Naira, our ex Sasural has come. Kartik involves Vedika. He recollects Naira. Aditya stops his automobile and sees Naira. She folds fingers. He runs within the gate. Vedika dances with Gayu and Suwarna. Dadi gets Kartik for dance. Aditya shouts Kartik…..

Gayu says this is Aditya, Kirti-s ex husband. Aditya says you didn’t believe me on the temple, so i have come to offer you proof that your Naira is alive. everyone receives taken aback. Kartik asks what proof do you have. Aditya says I m no longer mendacity or conspiring, your Naira is alive, here is the evidence. Naira looks on. Aditya says simply see this. Kartik checks. Aditya says play the video and spot it. Kartik doesn’t see some thing. The cell display show is going. Aditya says this had the video, no. He recalls falling down. He says the phone’s display screen isn’t operating, i’ve made the video, Naira had seen this, she followed me, why might I do. Kartik asks wherein did you spot Naira. Aditya says temple stairs, you left, i was making her video, she had seen me and we got here here, I got here in the residence. Kartik asks wherein did she cross. Aditya says don’t understand, she had come right here. Manish asks why is she hiding from us. Aditya says she didn’t want me to expose this proof to Kartik, she become trying to snatch the evidence, Naira is alive, i will’t even take the card out of the telephone, I m saying the truth. Naira cries. Naksh punches him. The telephone falls. the card falls in the vase. Naksh gets indignant.

Precap: Kartik imagines Naira. He says i have hurt you a lot, will you be able to forgive me, say some thing. Vedika looks on stunned. She washes off her mehendi. She says i will’t marry Kartik. Dadi issues.


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