Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Something happened that Aditya saw Naira in the temple and there was also Karthik there, then Aditya told Kartik that Naira is alive. Karthik scolded Aditya, but after going home, the same thing was repeatedly coming to his mind that Naira is really alive? On the other hand, Nayara thinks that someone is following him, he tries to keep up and walk.

Preparations for henna are going on at Goenka House. There Gayu is worried about the dynasty. She thinks that she has no problem with Vedika, but only the dynasty gets her rights. Grandma is also upset about the preparations for marriage and henna. She says that her kittu is married, there should be no problem of any kind, otherwise she will not spare anyone.

On the other hand, Aditya sees Naira and starts making videos of her. The driver who is sitting in a taxi, sees Aditya making a video and chases him, Naira also sees him after seeing Aditya, and says that please do not stop that.

Vedika worships God to make everything good in our relationship. Vedika mentions Mana Karthik as I love you. Surekha aunty returns from Luv Kush’s pass, and is very happy to see Vedika. The mother tells her to be ready with Vedika.

In the mind of Kartik, the words of Aditya are still going on, Karthik feels that if the Nayar is alive, is not it? On the other hand, Naira is still running behind Aditya and Aditya is running forward. Some people are playing cricket on the way, Naira takes his ball and hits Aditya with the ball. Aditya falls and his phone falls down too. Before Naira picks up the phone, Aditya himself picks up the phone and runs away. Naira is running after her again. Aditya gets into his car, Naira chases him by auto. On red light, she also requests Aditya not to take this video at Goenka House. But Aditya does not listen to him.

On the other hand, Vedika’s Mehndi function starts. In the hands of Vedika, grandmother and elder grandmother apply Mehandi. Gayu and Surekha aunts dance well. Naksh and clan dance the serpent. Karthik’s father comes down with Karthik, Karthik also sits next to Vedika. He removes the pocket from the pocket and wards it on the head of Vedika and gives it to the Mehndi person.

Vedika also joins in the dance with her family members. Grandmothers also drag Karthik. That’s when Aditya comes there. All the people are shocked to see Aditya there. He tells Karthik that Naira is alive. The family members are shocked to hear this. The ground beneath their feet slips. After this, he tells Karthik that I also have proof, and gives his phone to Karthik, he asks him to watch the video. But the phone is damaged due to falling on the ground and Karthik does not watch the video. Karthik gets angry. But Aditya repeatedly says that Naira is alive. He also says that Naira has followed him here. The question in the mind of the householder is that if Nayara is alive then why is not it coming?

Naksh gets angry and slaps Aditya. Aditya’s phone falls down and his memory card falls into a flower habitat kept in the house. Karthik gets upset after hearing all this.

Karthik and the rest of the family do not trust Aditya’s words. Karthik asks Aditya if Naira comes after him, where is he? Aditya says that she had even come outside the house. Naira is listening to all this standing behind the door, but she does not come in front.

Kartik will be disturbed by hearing Aditya’s words. He goes to his dark room and remembers Nayara and asks him questions whether he will be able to forgive him? There Vedika will come and Karthik will be shocked to see. After this Vedika becomes so hearted that she feels that she is making a mistake by marrying Kartik. She talks about breaking the marriage and rinses her mehndi with water.


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