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The Episode begins with Naksh saying Krish. Kirti movements her fingers. everyone claps. They sing Krish hai iska naam…. Naira asks why did you do that. Kartik recollects… Naksh and Kirti saying we can call the boy Krish and female Krishna. Kirti says we said the same this, Lord has fulfilled our desire. facebook ends. Kartik says you stated Bua continues baby’s name, Kirti likes this call, so i have saved this call, I m sorry, you felt terrible, proper. Naira says sure, I couldn’t recall it and you didn’t tell me, you took all the credit of a great brother and made me Sadu Bhabhi, in case you instructed me, i would have fortuitously supported you, smile now. She dances. He says our Krish.

Naksh involves Kirti and says Kartik and Naira have given our preference of name to baby, so sweet, its correct we’ve got Krish with us now. Kirti hears every person making a song. She opens eyes. Naksh smiles seeing her and says Kirti….. He is going out and shouts Dadi, Kartik, Naira….. pay attention. He says Kirti has opened her eyes. they all smile and run upstairs. Kartik stands there and says who will I give this baby now, Kirti or Naira. Naksh says Kirti wakened, look. absolutely everyone fortunately cry seeing Kirti.

Naksh says Kirti, you awoke, I m very glad. Naira holds Kirti’s hand. Bhabhimaa says I informed you, a miracle can appear today. Dadi says our Kirti has come lower back, i can have a massive havan performed. Manish says you scared me. lighting fixtures go off. Kartik recollects the toddler and his words to Kirti. He cries and asks what will I do now. Kirti recollects her Godhbharai and says my infant…. She hears toddler’s voice on speaker.

Naira involves Kartik. She switches off the mic and asks what occurred, we rushed upstairs, why did you live here. He asks did Kirti ask some thing, about her toddler or something. She says sure, she said my infant…. what passed off, she may be very susceptible right now, come, what’s taking place to you, deliver Krish to me. She takes baby from him. He cries. She puts baby in cradle and asks what passed off, why are you crying, tell me. She says you have been courageous all in recent times, you want to cry, don’t cry in front of Kirti, we should stay robust, we need to make ourselves geared up, she will ask us about her child. Nurse exams Kirti and informs the health practitioner. Naira gets Kartik there.

They visit Kirti. Kirti says my toddler….. and forwards her hand. all and sundry cries. physician says congrats, its virtually exact, you all exit for some time, i will do her checkup. all of them go out. Kirti sees the infant. Devyaani says Kirti requested for her toddler first, no longer for herself. Dadi says I have no braveness to inform her anything, I want she didn’t ask us. Naksh says I won’t be able to tell her approximately it. Naira says absolutely everyone will must take care of her, we don’t have some other choice. Akhilesh says if we don’t speak to her then… Devyaani says the reality will pop out a few day. Rukmani says there is a manner, till Kirti recovers, we are able to deliver her Naira’s baby and say its her infant. They get bowled over.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Kartik thinks i have to tell reality to Kirti. He sees Naira. He is going to Kirti and says your toddler….

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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