Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Naksh announcing you always come and get insulted, you won’t exchange, i will not go away you, he calls Kirti and tells nonsense always. Manish says go away him Naksh. Aditya alternatives his telephone. His dad calls him out and asks him to return. He apologizes. Manish says take him away. Aditya’s mum says forgive him, he isn’t exceptional, we tracked his cell and came right here, he’s in despair. His dad says we always keep a watch on him, don’t understand whilst did he come. Gayu says maybe he imagined Naira. Aditya says Kartik I m telling the fact, she is alive, you’ll repent whilst she is available in the front of you. He goes.

Naira says Kartik, don’t trust Aditya, i can in no way come returned into your existence, you have got all of the proper to make a new international. She sees her % with garlands. She cries and is going. Kartik goes. Dadi cries. Suwarna says I sense Aditya was announcing the reality. Manish asks what about Kartik if you say such. She says its now not clean for him. He says don’t fear, i will communicate to him, why are we thinking about this, if Naira become alive, she would meet us, now not that Aditya, your silence has your answer, consider it. He goes.

Naira leaves from Goenka residence. a person says go from there, the street is closed, there is gasoline leakage. Vedika says is Liza pronouncing fact, irrespective of how lots I try and run, my fate will carry me to Kartik. Kartik sits within the darkish room and recalls Aditya’s words. He gets a message. He assessments and gets greatly surprised. He smiles and says Naira…. I knew she is alive. His phone rings, stored some distance. His imagination ends. He appears round and cries. He hears Naira calling him. He asks is which you, I knew you may be round, Aditya turned into right, you’re alive, Naira live here, don’t cross everywhere. He shouts please forestall. He sees her once more. She says i’ve come. Mere ek khushi ka…..plays….

He runs to hug her. She disappears. He sees her everywhere. Yahan wahan…..performs…. Vedika comes. He sees her and goes to her. He says forgive me, i have hurt you lots, I didn’t do whatever purposely, did you forgive me or are you still irritated. He sees Vedika and receives again. She cries. He says Vedika, you….. She looks at his room partitions, lines and crosses, Naira’s images….. He says Vedika, I….. She goes. The female asks in which is the bride, we didn’t supply her shagun. Dadi says she has long gone to her room, she may be here. Vedika remembers Kartik’s words. She is going and washes off her mehendi. She says I won’t marry Kartik. each person gets bowled over. Manish asks why are you pronouncing this. Naksh asks did Kartik say anything. Vedika says no, don’t blame him. Bhabhimaa says the situation is the cause, its unfair with Kartik, he has continually loved best Naira, and he nevertheless loves her, we concept he had moved on, that’s why I decided this but he isn’t geared up, he could be very unhappy, its his marriage additionally, he must be happy.

Manish asks did he say some thing. Vedika says no, i was just standing there, he turned into misplaced considering Naira, don’t count on that I m feeling horrific for myself, I m feeling terrible for Kartik, I suppose we must stop bothering Kartik, he isn’t prepared, it might be incorrect to force him. Kartik appears on. Liza and Kairav play a game. She says your mum can’t prevent from this flow. Kairav says i can beat it. Naira comes and plays with them. She wins. Kairav says wow, my mum made me win, mum can we win. Naira says sure, we can win in spite of the limitations, your crew might be strong now if you turn out to be 3 individuals. Naira says the third individual has selected a person, he already took 5 years to pick out a person, he has a crew now, i have Kairav, proper, we will defeat any group. Kairav says yes.

The guests go away. Naksh says this occurred due to Aditya, he ruined the entirety. Vansh says you assert that those who die don’t come again, they grow to be superstar, you could’t marry a celeb, they can’t live with us, you have to say sorry to Vedika and Dadi, they’re disenchanted, you don’t express regret while you behave badly. Kartik sees Dadi. He sees Naira’s %. He asks are we going to behavior Sangeet on this way. He involves Vedika.

Precap: Pallavi says i can communicate to other physician. Naira concurs. Kartik says prevent her from going. Pallavi says a person desires you to live right here. Naira asks who. She hears Kartik’s voice on call and gets shocked.


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