Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 6 Aug episode begins with Aditya slaps and then Aditya’s house is coming. The family apologizes to Karthik and his entire family. He explains that Aditya’s condition is not good, he runs away from home. Aditya leaves but Karthik becomes very depressed. Karthik goes to his dark room and recalls Naira shedding tears there.

Suvarna also tells her husband that she is trying to believe in Aditya’s things. But Kartik’s father explains to him that do not pay attention to all these things. Because if the Nayara was alive then that house would definitely come, we would get from us and Karthik. Karthik is crying in his room. She is imaging Naira, only then Vedika comes there, Karthik considers Vedika as Naira and apologizes to her. Vedika is very frustrated by hearing this and seeing this, she does not see this condition of Kartik. Vedika goes down and tells all the villagers that she will not marry Karthik. Vedika gets her mehndi in the water. The grandmother starts crying, the grandmother starts crying. She tries to convince Vedika. The lady grandson sees the henna dust of Vedika- It will be ominous, On this Vedika says – Oops! Vedika says that Karthik still has not forgotten Nayara, she is not ready for this new relationship. We also should not force Karthik. Grandma starts crying after hearing all this. Only then Kartik comes there. Vedika says that the situation is bad only then everyone is going bad. Vedika says Karthik is not ready yet. They do not tell anyone, but they are very sad inside.

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On the other hand, Lisa is playing a game with her to recreate Kairav. When Naira goes there, Naira convinces Lisa again that she should take Karthik, but Naira says that she has chosen her partner, he is moving. Naira says that she and her son alone are enough.

On the other hand, Karthik gets depressed and sits on the ladder. Nobody dares to go to him. But the descent goes there. Dynasty says to Kartik – You say that those who go away from this world do not come back, they become stars. But we can’t marry Star right? And they can not always stay with us. But Vedika didi can live? You should give Vedika and sorry to Grandma. Dynasty says you call us sorry, but when you are doing bad bihai, you should also say sorry.

Karthik also understands that he has made a mistake, he should not be disappointed. He tells everyone what music the music will celebrate. All the family members are shocked to hear this.

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In tomorrow’s episode, it will be shown that in the music of Kartik and Vedika, Doctor Pallavi has also arrived as a guest, where he talks to Naira on the phone. After that, the doctors also mention that Pallavi Karthik and Vedika also give money for treatment, then they will not be disturbed. The doctor will also get Pallavi and Karthik talking on the phone.


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