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The Episode starts offevolved with Rukmani pronouncing we are able to inform truth to Kirti while she gets first-class. Dadi and every person scold her and say its honestly wrong. Baisa asks didn’t you observed what is going to Kirti go through understanding this. Naksh says we need to accept the truth, Kirti is emotionally and bodily susceptible, but i’m able to take care of her, we received’t take hold of Naira’s baby, no longer even for a moment, I received’t allow this show up with my sister. He asks Naira now not to worry. He says permit me to deal with this example, i will provide an explanation for Kirti when I sense she is k. Naira says we are able to deal with Kirti. Kartik seems on. Kirti thinks of her twist of fate. She says my infant…. where is my child….

Its morning, Manish thank you Lord. Akhilesh says Kirti will awaken after medicine effect ends. every person prays. Naira says the entirety gets best, Kirti will get normal soon. They do the aarti. Kartik asks Krishna ji to inform him what to do. He thinks you need me to tell fact to Kirti. He goes and thinks of Naira’s words. He is going to Kirti and holds her hand. He says i’m able to’t believe it, a miracle came about, we did desire for it but no person was sure that this may manifest, in reality, your toddler…. Kirti asks how did she appear like, who did she resemble, me or Naksh, inform me. everyone looks on. Kirti says you have got visible her, inform me, I realize, I heard it, the nurse and the medical doctor were speaking, I m nonetheless now not alert however i’m able to recognize, when I requested anybody approximately toddler, no person answered me and went out, but I don’t forget something, it changed into like a dream. Naksh says each person determined to no longer inform you, I m sorry, how do I inform you that this is truth, sorry. Naira says sorry. Kirti says its not your mistake, I already you, I become losing happiness. Naira says don’t say this. Kirti says I m very fortunate that everybody is nice, not anything happened to your child. Kartik seems on.

Kirti asks what did you name the child. Naira says Krish. Kirti says I opened my eyes hearing this call. Naksh says i have kept a speaker right here, each person was making a song. Naira says Kartik stored the name of your choice, we will leave now. baby cries and holds Kirti. Naira takes child. Dadi asks Kirti to take care. Kirti cries and says my child, why did Lord do this. Kartik comes lower back. She turns and acts to be drowsing. He sees her sound asleep. He says i really like you Kirti and goes. She cries and says i like you too Kartik, i like you all and don’t need you to see my tears, sorry, my fate has affected your happiness too, but now not anymore.

Naira asks Leela to make Krish equipped. She hears Leela and nurse speaking. Nurse says he’s premature but he looks like mature toddlers, his skin coloration and fitness. Leela says how would I realize it. Nurse goes. Naira asks does untimely babies have different colour skin. Leela says no, physician would have instructed you. Naira says what do I want, its correct that toddler isn’t weak.

Naira and Kartik make child sleep. She says he could be very naughty. She says Kirti has without a doubt got up, i hope sh forgets her pain, she need to be feeling an awful lot harm, i’m able to recognize her pain, sorry for speakme all this, we want to celebrate. He thinks to give her the happiness. he is taking her to kitchen. He shows the infant on digicam feed. They spend time and romance. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. he hugs her and thinks we can see the state of affairs, i will hold you and toddler very satisfied. After few days, Kartik and Dadi about speaking Kirti’s improvement. Dadi says we need to cross and meet Kirti. Naira says yes. Manish says you all move, we are going office, we will join you there. Naira says properly idea. Naksh says sorry, it received’t paintings on account that we’ve come on own. They smile seeing Naksh and Kirti. everybody hugs Kirti. Surekha asks Kirti what will she have nowadays. Lav and Kush say we can play board game with Kirti. Kirti smiles seeing Krish. Naira gives her Krish in lap. Kirti plays with him. Kartik seems on.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Kirti says there may be a voice in my head, as if its Kartik’s voice. Naira asks what does it say. Kirti says forgive me Kirti for whatever i have achieved.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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