Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update
Image source: India Express

Kaira enthusiasts, you could expect Kartik to move all guns blazing to win returned his ladylove Naira. He has come to recognise that Naksh wants to maintain Naira away from him forever and hence he vows to do anything and everything to have her back in his lifestyles.

Kartik receives shocked after seeing Rishabh with Naira inside the marketplace. He realises that Naksh is up to some thing which can end his relationship with his wife.

So he confronts Naksh for looking to widen the space between his sister and her duly wedded husband.
Naira, who unearths solace in dance after her reminiscence loss, desires to have Kartik as her partner for the performance on Maha Shivratri.

She wants to dress up as Goddess Parvati and needs Sidharth (Kartik) to play Lord Shiva.

She is eager to have Sidharth as her companion even after Rishabh volunteers to play the function. Naira wants to avoid Rishabh and persuade Sidharth.

Hence she asks him to be her companion. in the precap, Sidharth (Kartik) refuses to play her associate and finally ends up disappointing Naira.

Inside the beyond, most effective Kartik has performed Naira’s Lord Shiva, and even Devyani and Dadi don’t need Rishabh to get into the photograph. Will Kartik rethink his choice and comply with play Lord Shiva for Naira? Will she make her glad by using unexpected her? and how will Naksh deal with this? Naksh would not need Naira and Kartik to reunite, however, destiny seems to be determined to bring them together. what’s going to occur next? let’s hope for the excellent. stay tuned for more updates


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