Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kartik apologizing to Vedika. She says there is no pressure on you, don’t do this. He says no, I want this. Manish sees Dadi. Kairav says I don’t want to consume meals. Naira says dad can’t come. Kairav says you didn’t tell him that I m in health center, right. Liza appears on. Naira says super, take a look at pink jelly. Kairav eats meals. Naira involves Liza and asks what befell. Liza says if Vedika wasn’t there, you and Kartik would be with Kairav. Naira says no, don’t hassle me, that name is erased from my destiny. Liza says you heard me and didn’t understand which you fed me chocolates. Nurse says the surgeon has known as maybe, physician is calling you. Vansh receives the cake and says it become my idea, I didn’t say to put in writing massive word.

Manish says to new beginnings. Kartik and Vedika cut the cake. Naira asks what befell, is there any headaches. Pallavi says no, sorry that health care professional can’t come. Naira says I want to talk to him once. She calls the physician and says I m Kairav’s mom, Kairav might be simply case for you, he is my world, you could keep two lives by doing this surgery. Pallavi asks what did he say. Naira says he has proper problem, he can’t function Kairav, he spoke to someone in Mumbai. Pallavi says Dr. Parekh is also correct. Naira says i will move, simply make certain he reaches competently. Pallavi says his immunity got stronger, you can take him through train, i might have helped, however I should cross in my pal’s sangeet party these days.

Naira thinks I should just think about Kairav. Vansh says we can dance, allow us to begin. Naira fills the bureaucracy. Kartik and Vedika dance on Catwalk wali…. Liza says they’ll ask for deposit. Naira says i will control it. She asks Kairav what took place. He asks did you inform dad, will he come. She says I didn’t inform him, else he would leave all his paintings and come. He says my dad is strong and good, he’s going to come here, tell him, he can use his superpowers and phone doctor here for me. Naira says no, physician has many sufferers and he has to attend them, so we ought to pass there, dad will come there, please concentrate to me. She says you don’t pay attention to me. Dadi and every person dance. Pallavi comes and dances with Vedika. She says you appeared very satisfied that day and nowadays you aren’t happy, why. Vedika says its nothing like that. Naira calls to get loan from financial institution. Kairav makes video call to Kartik. Vansh gets a juice drink. He sees Kairav’s call. Naira takes the phone and disconnects. She asks Kairav to take a seat quiet. Vansh shouts to Kartik. Samarth says don’t trouble him, what’s so imp, sit down there.

Pallavi says you both look cute together and danced nicely, lets click a selfie. She takes selfie. Vedika says you need to come on time in the marriage. Pallavi says i’m able to attempt, I were given past due due to a affected person, its a four year old child, he has a hollow in his coronary heart, I spoke to general practitioner but he refused, another healthcare professional is in Muimbai, she have to have cash, she is a single mum, she has come from any other metropolis, I gave her a few NGO numbers. Kartik says you forestall her from going to Mumbai. Naira says we may additionally leave out our train. Naira receives Pallavi’s name. Pallavi asks did you leave. Naira says no, we have been leaving, thanks, I notion you will be busy in characteristic. Pallavi says you don’t must pass, someone wants to forestall you right here, I instructed about you and your son. Naira asks who.

Pallavi says Vedika is my correct buddy, her fiance said he will assist us, he knows a general practitioner from Sanjeevani, this type of high-quality coincidence, he gave this offer, this shows that there are nevertheless true humans on this global, he doesn’t understand you, you aren’t linked in any manner, nevertheless he is ready to help, i’m able to tell Dr. Joshi to finish paper paintings, i will get health care provider’s wide variety and phone, the surgical operation will take place right here. Naira cries and says thank Vedika and her fiance on my behalf. Pallavi says you can thank him, he’s here. O jhoke….plays….

Kartik takes the phone and talks. Naira hears his voice. He says please don’t fear, don’t cry, your son will get excellent, I promise you, there might be a few cause that we got this connection, i will assist you, I feel linked to you and your son, I need to help you, I really need to do this, whats up! Naira ends the decision. She cries. Pallavi says thank you Kartik, I m so satisfied that they got this help. He says maybe I had a relation with this boy in past start. Liza asks what passed off. Naira says no, Kairav may have his surgical operation here. Liza says you may see the situation honestly, i’m able to’t assist you if you don’t want to see.

Precap: Naira says Kartik moved on, I have to also circulate on for my son. Manish says Vedika will get love and happiness if its in her destiny. Kairav says I need dad. Naira calls Kartik.


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