Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 7 Aug episode begins with Karthik, apologizes to the altar. Karthik apologized to Vedika and said- gradually this color will go up and I promise the color will be darker too. Vedika said – If something happens then the color will climb, the color of my mehndi has come down before climbing. But Karthik tells him that he will apply mehndi again.

On the other hand, Kairava insists his mother Naira that he wants to meet Papa but Naira excuses him. After this, Lisa once again tells Naira that she understands the sign of the Universe and tells Karthik the truth, but Naira does not want to talk about it. After this, Doctor Pallavi calls Naira and tells that the senior doctor has refused to perform the operation of Kayarav as he is involved in another case. After this, when Naira talks to that senior doctor, he told about the other doctor. But for this Naira will have to go to Mumbai with Kayarav. Doctor Pallavi says that he should not go by plane but go by train. After this, Dr. Pallavi tells Naira that she speaks to the staff and prepares Kairava to go to Mumbai, She stops herself but has to go to her friend’s musical ceremonies. Naira is saddened to hear this as she realizes that Doctor Pallavi is about to go to the wedding of Vedika and Karthik.

Naira is ready to go to Mumbai with Kairava but refuses to go to Kairava. He says that call Papa, he too will go or else he will not go. But Naira explains it to him. Naira says that when Papa’s secret mission is over, he will definitely come.

On the other hand Karthik and Vedika do new Beginning and cut the cake. Vedika and Karthik dance to the song ‘Morni Banke’. Doctor Pallavi also reaches into the musical ceremonies. She asks Vedika if she does not look happy, has anything happened? But Vedika says there is nothing like this.

Kairava remembers his father and calls him from Naira’s phone. But Naira gets noticed and she scolds him. After this, Doctor Pallavi takes a selfie with her friends Vedika and Karthik. Vedika tells her friend Doctor Pallavi that today she has come late in music but come on time in marriage. Pallavi tells that if there is no emergency then she will definitely come on time. She mentions Naira and Karthik to Vedika and Karthik, It is said that she is a patient, she is a single mother and her son has a hole in his heart. They have to go to Mumbai but must also have money. Karthik then tells Doctor Pallavi not to let him go to Mumbai. Pallavi then calls Naira and refuses to go to Mumbai. She says Vedika’s Fiancé wants to help them. There are very big doctors of his identity who are from Sanjeevani, they are in Udaipur at the moment and they will do the operation of Kayarav. Hearing all this, Naira becomes emotional, she says thank you to Vedika and her fiancé. Pallavi says that you speak yourself and he grabs the phone to Karthik. Naira starts crying as Karthik speaks the hello. Karthik feels that Naira is crying because of the child’s illness. He consoles her and tells her not to worry, There will definitely be a relationship and favor of the previous birth of the child which I am taking off. Naira hears all this and starts crying and disconnects the phone.

Tomorrow’s episode will show that Karthik is ready for his wedding sherwani. On the other hand, Kairava is going to have an operation, on the bed of the operation theater, Kairav ​​is crying and remembering his father. Naira would get restless seeing her repeatedly calling her father and father and she would call Karthik.


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