Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 7 Mar episode starts with Kartik agreeing to be Naira’s shiv. He sees Rishabh searching for his changing room. Naira gets ready for her dance performance.

Kartik follows Rishabh. The guards stop Kartik from entering the green room area.

Naira misses Sid. She texts him and waits anxiously for his reply. She sees Sid’s glimpses everywhere and gets tensed.

Naira enthrals the audience with her stellar Tandav dance performance. Meanwhile, Kartik takes away Rishabh’s dress and locks him in the room.

Kartik comes dressed as Shiv on the stage. Naira and Kartik present a beautiful dance together. The families fail to recognize Kartik.

Naira recognizes Sid and gets delighted to see him. Suhasini longs for Kartik. She doubts the boy dancing with Naira to be Kartik.

While dancing Kartik throws sindur in the air which fills Naira’s hairline. Naira thanks Sid for joining him in her dance. Kartik says it was all God’s will.

Suddenly, a cyclone comes there.

Rishabh comes out from the room but he fails to find Naksh. Before Rishabh could come to Naira, Kartik and Naira walk away.

Rishabh decides to tell Naksh about everything. Kirti feels hurt when Naksh leaves her alone to find Naira.

Naira addresses Sid as Kartik when a decoration piece begins to fall on them. Kartik saves Naira from getting hurt.

Naira faints. Kartik helps her in coming to conscious. Rishabh sees them. Naira calls Kartik, Sid again.

Precap Upcoming YRKKH episode update: Naira tells Naksh about Sid being her dance partner.


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