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The Episode begins with Dadi saying Gayu didn’t leave distress. Devyaani says what would we be able to state. Surekha says Gayu needs to take the choice. Gayu comes ground floor. Kartik says Gayu is prepared for the marriage. Naira says thanks to Samarth. She says Gayu you do what you discover right, Kartik and I are dependably with you. Kartik says we know the torment of losing friends and family. Gayu says I have taken the choice. Manish says its extraordinary, Samarth. Everybody praises one another. Devyaani asks Gayu to light tulsi diya, Lord has demonstrated to them a beam of expectation in haziness. Dadi asks how did Gayu choose to wed Samarth when Vivaan kicked the bucket as of late. Naira looks on. Surekha says perhaps Rama demanded. Dadi says truly, however she could never constrain Gayu. Everybody supplicates. Naira takes Kartik with her and says Dadi is questioning Gayu, we should disclose to her reality. He approaches what’s the requirement for it. She says truth never conceals, its better we advise her. Rama comes and says things are getting fine after much challenges, don’t ruin it.

Naira says we should tell everybody with the goal that no one faults Gayu or us. Rama says Samarth knows everything and took this choice, don’t make Gayu’s life progressively troublesome. Naira says we can’t change Gayu’s destiny. Kartik says possibly she is correct, we should advise truth to Dadi. Dadi and Surekha come. Dadi asks what are you escaping me. Rama says nothing, we are thinking when to keep marriage, we need the marriage to occur at the earliest opportunity. Manish says however Gayu isn’t over the injury of Vivaan’s demise. Rama says I will clarify her, don’t stress. Dadi says we will return home and talk about, at that point we will let you know. They leave. Rama says now its everything on Kartik and Naira. Puru plays with the children. They state Naira is the genuine hero, she doesn’t care for tricking, she is our fav. puru says mine as well, reveal to me progressively about her. They state she is sweet and cherishes us. Everybody gets back home. Akhilesh says sorry, you must be separated from everyone else. Puru says no, kids engaged me, Manish how is everything there. Manish says Gayu concurred for marriage. Puru gets some information about the rasam. Kartik says no, we have to hustle just a bit as Rama’s visa is lapsing. Naira says yes. Dadi says yet I don’t concur, I need time, I have dreams for Samarth’s marriage. Samarth says I don’t need any luxurious marriage, I simply need your gifts. Dadi asks is anybody fleeing or are you concealing something. Samarth says no, we are contemplating the game plans. Dadi says don’t stress, I couldn’t care less when the marriage occurs, it will occur with every one of the customs. She goes.

Rama indicates marriage dates to Devyaani. Devyaani says I addressed a woman, she said there is nothing more than a bad memory mahurat. Rama asks would I lie, pandit gave me these dates, everything is prepared. Devyaan says its regarding Gayu’s wedding, constraining for anything won’t be correct. Kirti says Gayu has concurred, its a major thing, on the off chance that we hustle just a bit things, we may annoy her. Kartik asks Naira where is she lost, she would have harmed, unwind. Naira says Dadi is suspicious, she will get to its underlying foundations. He says quit pondering it. She stresses for Gayu. He says Samarth and I had gone to meet her. She is fine, don’t stress. Naira says you shouldn’t be presumptuous when we are misleading Dadi. He says no, we are simply concealing reality. Dadi says we will take shagun to them tomorrow, keep your ears and eyes open, something is fishy between Samarth, Kartik and Naira. Naira says I will plan for Gayu’s wedding subject, I didn’t figure I will be from husband to be’s side.

Kartik says your desire will be satisfied, give this chunri to her, my better half has overlooked our sentiment. She says fine, pressure is away, we will go for a lengthy drive, frozen yogurt at lake side. He says then lets leave. Puru accompanies kids, and says nothing is fine. Kartik asks what occurred, I will deal with. Puru says you are so charming, I was simply joking, we will go to the lake and have dessert, you both need to go along with us. Lav and Kush request that they come. Kartik says gives up. He gets a call and says I have a telephone call, Ila and I need to converse with financier, you all go. Puru says its alright, Naira will you come. Lav and Kush take Naira. Naira says sorry, we can’t go, Lav and Kush aren’t permitted to have dessert. She contemplates her uneasiness. Kartik lurches and falls. Puru spares him and asks are you fine. Kartik asks what did you do. Puru says its a little twisted, wouldn’t i be able to endure this agony for you, unwind. Kartik embraces him. Naira thinks what was I considering, he is so great. Everybody comes to Singhania house. Devyaani says youngsters oversaw everything. Surekha asks where is Naira.

Devyaani says she is upstairs with Gayu. Dadi sends Surekha. Rama asks Gayu to apply ice to lessen swelling on the face. Gayu cries. Naira says we can defer the custom and drop the marriage on the off chance that you don’t know. Gayu says I m prepared for marriage, simply complete it soon. Naira says no, marriage shouldn’t occur until you are rationally arranged. Gayu says I won’t be rationally arranged on the off chance that you continue saying this. Naira says sorry. Rama says don’t state this, proceed to help your inlaws, I m with Gayu. Naira asks will I take gynac arrangement, its officially late. Gayu gestures. Surekha endeavors to hear and wheezes. They see her at the entryway. Surekha requests that Naira come. Naira thinks possibly Surekha heard it, we should reveal to it ourselves, however how to persuade Rama. Surekha comes to Dadi and says I had a craving for sniffling and couldn’t hear it, I m beyond any doubt that they are concealing something from us. Dadi asks did you ask somebody. Surekha says they got stunned seeing me. Dadi says you can’t do anything, proceed to apply make up, remain glad. Naira gets Gayu. Dadi does ceremonies and gives her shagun chunri. She says congratulations Rama. Rama says well done to you as well. Dadi says I have thought well, marriage will occur on a fabulous scale. Naira looks on.

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Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Update: Puru expresses profound gratitude Naira, I was sitting tight for this. She gets tea for him. Kartik hears her shout. The tea drops on the floor.


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